Life is Strange 2

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Square Enix
Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release Date
September 27, 2018 (Calendar)
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Life is Strange 2 is the sequel of the beloved Life is Strange graphic adventure. Developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Square EnixLife is Strange 2 features two brothers who are on the run from home after experiencing a harrowing, yet supernatural, event. Will the Diaz brothers make it to Mexico and be able to conceal the mysterious power?

Life is Strange 2 stars Sean Diaz, a sixteen year old high school boy and his nine year old brother, Daniel. They both reside in Seattle, Washington with their upbeat, yet laid-back father. Sean's utmost priority starting out involves collecting various supplies for a Halloween party him and his best friend, Lyla, are attending. Unfortunately, an unforeseen event transpires, forcing both Sean and Daniel to head as far away from Washington as possible.

Interacting with the environment about sums up Life is Strange 2's gameplay. Just like in the first installment of the series, Sean's commentary provides information for the player. In other circumstances, choices made significantly impact not only Sean's life, but Daniel's as well. Thus, players ought to be extremely careful in their decisions. Since Daniel looks up to his older brother, Sean's disposition affects how Daniel views the world. Not only do you have to worry about Sean's outcome, but Daniel's reaction to the outcome of situations as well.

The modern-day controversial topics portray dynamically throughout Life is Strange 2, generating a more mature environment than what you'd experience in the first Life is Strange. The story also incorporates little pieces of the first game into Sean and Daniel's escapade, even if brief. Nonetheless, character growth is eminent throughout the second installment. Unfortunately, Sean is left with no other choice but to grow up and take care of his little brother. Will his protection and their bond be enough to get to Mexico in one piece?