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The third game from European developer RageSquid, Descenders is a mountain biking game with randomly generated tracks and random modifiers applied along the way. A marked departure from their earlier games, Descenders is RageSquid's first attempt at a sports game, with the crass Action Henk and hardcore "dodge-'em-up" Disc Room. From bad weather to no trail, RageSquid has worked hard to capture the difficulty and the success of mountain biking.

With four distinct areas to bike through, each with their own challenges, Descenders will push your extreme sports ability to its limits. Descenders features an impressive physics system, with control over how fast you flip, tweak, and spin your bike. Even though it may seem like speed is paramount to success, you're offered countless opportunities to take each trail at your leisure. Want to go off-road and string together tricks off of small hills? How about race to the bottom as fast as possible? You've got the freedom to do both. With each area capped off by a monstrous boss jump, you'll have to fine-tune your speed in order to survive onto the next level.

By completing tricks and courses, you build up a score, noted here as "rep." Rep isn't used to unlock any new tricks or abilities, as you have access to the full range of options from the start. Instead, higher rep earns you better cosmetics at the end of every run and moves you up on the rankings in the leaderboard. With a seemingly endless number of tracks and trails, Descenders aims to recapture a market that has been abandoned since the untimely death of the Skate and SSX series. Offering endless replay value and some nasty-looking wipeouts, Descenders pairs its extreme nature with relaxing music and smooth visuals. Oil your chain, pump your tires, and check your brakes, because Descenders is cruising through its world as fast as it can.

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No More Robots
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February 9, 2018 (Calendar)
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