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April 24, 2018 (Calendar)
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BattleTech is a turn based strategy game, based on the tabletop system that started in 1984. Previous BattleTech games have all been first person and real time strategy, this is the first title taking the franchise back to its tabletop roots. In BattleTech, you are in charge of managing everything for your mercenary crew, from the Mechs they pilot, including their armament and equipment, to their recruitment and pay, as well as lance construction and the missions you choose. The story campaign takes you back to the start of the BattleTech timeline, to the end of the Succession Wars, where the great houses battle for supremacy after a coup that saw the leader of the Inner Sphere dead.  The Inner Sphere was a great power in the galaxy, and the noble houses now fight for control.  In this grand space opera, you run a mercenary outfit, hired to assist winning back the throne of a displaced noble in the outer reaches of the human galaxy.

During each battle, you control up to four Mechs in a lance and decide on the positioning and attack options for each Mech. A variety of weapons and Mech options are available and players are presented with the hit percentages for each attack action during gameplay and have to monitor heat caused by firing their own weapons and damage to their own Mechs.  Mechs have a variety of armament and roles and finding a balance that suits you is key to defeating your opponents. Mechs can come in a variety of four main weight categories, from light scouting Mechs, medium Mechs built for a balance of manageability and payloads, heavy Mechs that bring heavier fire power, and finally assault Mechs that can reign down large amounts of firepower and back it up with thicker armour.

BattleTech is developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by Paradox Interactive. The game was initially funded through Kickstarter financing.