Harebrained Schemes Reveal BattleTech Post-Launch Roadmap

Published: May 4, 2018 10:44 AM /


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Last week Harebrained Schemes (HBS) released their turn-based strategy title, set in the long-running BattleTech universe. You can check out our review of BattleTech here. A week after launch, HBS announced their BattleTech post-launch roadmap for the next few months.

HBS revealed the details of the next five steps that their BattleTech title will be taking:

  1. Last Friday HBS released a compatibility/performance beta patch and then made it available this week. The full changelog can be found here. HBS say they will continue to add patches to the beta branch which can be found under public_beta.
  2. Later on this month BattleTech will receive a general bug fix patch.
  3. French, German, and Russian localizations are coming along with Linux support, which were all Kickstarter promises. They don't have an ETA yet but they are letting the players know that it is coming.
  4. In June or July, they will release what they are calling 'update 1'. This will include more customization and player options, including accelerated combat options, mech customization options, difficulty settings, mech lab/store/salvage quality of life improvements, tutorial skip option, live-streaming quality-of-life improvements and also address difficulty spikes.
  5. HBS also mention that more free and some paid updates are coming, but their focus is the above before they begin work on other areas.
The above roadmap addresses a lot of the player complaints that were hampering reviews of a stellar game. It will be interesting to see what plans HBS have planned after their priorities are addressed, and what developments they have in mind for multiplayer.

Have you played Harebrained Scheme's BattleTech, and if so what do you think? Have you experienced any of the problems they are addressing with the compatibility and performance patches? What would you like to see in the game after HBS have completed these planned updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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