BattleTech Goes Superheavy in Next Expansion, Heavy Metal

Published: October 19, 2019 4:30 AM /


battletech heavy metal expansion

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes announced the next expansion for BattleTechHeavy Metal, coming November 21st at ParadoxCon today. Heavy Metal packs in eight new 'Mechs, seven from the original tabletop game and one all-new 'Mech alongside a new Flashpoint mini-campaign as well as eight additional new weapons systems. Heavy Metal comes free with the BattleTech Season Pass, or on its own for 14.99 USD. Also in celebration of PDXCON, BattleTech and all of its DLC have been discounted through Monday morning, with sales ranging anywhere from 40 to 66% off. Heavy Metal launches on all PC storefronts on November 21st.

In the new cinematic trailer for BattleTech, we get our first look at the all-new 'Mech coming in the expansion: the Bull Shark. We also get our first look at the new equipment and mechs coming too. The other seven 'Mechs coming are:

  • FLE-15, a light Flea variant sporting medium lasers, machine guns, and a flamer
  • VL-2T, the medium Vulcan with a wide array of weaponry
  • ASN-21, the medium Assassin with a missile complement and laser backup
  • PHX-1, the medium Phoenix Hawk with both lasers and machine guns
  • RFL-3N, the heavy Rifleman with autocannons and four lasers
  • ARC-2R, the heavy Archer who specializes in long-range missiles and close laser engagements
  • ANH-1A, an Annihilator assault 'Mech variant with four autocannons and four lasers

We don't know yet what equipment the Bull Shark will sport, but it will be a 95 ton assault 'Mech. Speaking of equipment, we're getting access to the Coil Beam, an energy weapon that does more damage the further a 'Mech moves before firing, and the Mortar, which is the first AOE weapon available in BattleTech to date. Other equipment listed in the trailer suggests we'll get more autocannons as well as some targeting lasers to bolster your missile attacks. BattleTech is out now, with Heavy Metal coming on November 21st.

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