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A group of characters in Babylon's Fall

Square Enix has announced that it is to extend Babylon's Fall season 2 by three months. The extra time will be used to take another look at the game'

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV third party tools still aren't allowed, which will come as disappointing news for players that have continually asked to use them.

Kingdom Hearts 4

Kingdom Hearts 4 is coming, we know that now. For the last two weeks that's pretty much all we've known, but now we know a little about what to

Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide 2022 key art

Easter has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV with the return of Hatching-tide, a seasonal event full of eggs and bunnies. The event runs until April 27

Final Fantasy XIV Aglaia duty

Patch 6.1 of Final Fantasy XIV introduces the first part of the Myths of the Realm alliance raid series. Named Aglaia, this new 8-man duty sees you

Final Fantasy XIV Empyreum housing ward

Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.1, "Newfound Adventure", brings some changes to the way player and Free Company housing is acquired. While this new

Kingdom Hearts 4 Donald and Goofy

The surprise announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 has everyone already speculating what will be next for the series. The popular RPG has for a long time

The Scions staring at a shattered crystal road in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

A Final Fantasy XIV player has named an asteroid after the game's producer, Naoki Yoshida, also known as Yoshi-P. Asteroid Yoshidanaoki presumably

Kingdom Hearts 4 Sora Trailer

Early this morning, Square-Enix announced a new game in the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts 4. Kingdom Hearts 4 quietly dropped its trailer on

FFXIV Patch 6.1 Release Date Revealed cover

The FFXIV Patch 6.1 release date has been revealed -- You'll be able to jump into the Newfound Adventure quest, explore a new PVP arena, check out a

FFXIV Housing Lottery System Details cover

Square Enix has revealed more details about how the FFXIV Housing Lottery System will work starting with the debut of FFXIV Patch 6.1 in April 2022

Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mike, and Sully in Kingdom Hearts III

A new range of Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi has been announced to commemorate the series' 20th anniversary. These new devices will be part of the

Final Fantasy Little Ladies

An event filled year for Final Fantasy XIV continues with the latest Little Ladies' Day event. Running until March 31, Little Ladies' Day 2022 is a

The party fighting Titan in Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix has confirmed that it's aware of an error causing the Final Fantasy XIV Steam version to crash. Unfortunately, the studio doesn't yet

FFXIV House Demolition Re-Suspended cover

The FFXIV house demolition timer was supposed to restart next week. Now, Square Enix has announced that it is not restarting the timer just yet,

FFXIV House Demolition cover

Square Enix has announced that FFXIV house demolition will resume starting in early March 2022, reinstituting a policy that was suspended during the

Valentione's Day 2022

Love is in the air once again in Final Fantasy XIV, thanks to the ongoing Valentione's Day event. Running until February 22, Valentione's Day 2022

Final Fantasy XIV All Saints' Wake 2022 Event Guide

The Final Fantasy XIV’s All Saints' Wake Event has finally made its return after more than 2 years. Despite being a Halloween-themed event, this year

Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP is a kart racing spinoff of the Final Fantasy series and is developed and published by Square Enix as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Players

Players battling Ifrit in Final Fantasy XIV

After a rough launch, Final Fantasy XIV sales are restarting on January 25th. As player numbers return to normal, Square Enix is also expanding its

Excitatron 6000

Introduced all the way back in A Realm Reborn, treasure hunting has been a common part of each Final Fantasy XIV expansion released so far. By


Final Fantasy XIV keeps on truckin'. Its Patch 6.05 includes the Savage version of the Pandæmonium raid, the new Excitatron 6000 treasure dungeon,

Clive in Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix has announced that two of its upcoming flagship RPGs will be delayed. Final Fantasy XVI has been hit by the COVID pandemic and has been

FFXIV Hesperos

The fourth and final encounter of this raid tier is Hesperos, who has been turned into a Vampire Hemitheos. There are 2 main gimmicks to this

FFXIV Phoinix

The third encounter of Pandaemonium: Asphodelos is a new spin on a familiar Final Fantasy XIV creature, taking on a more sinister form of the regular

The Second Circle FFXIV Raid Guide

Pandaemonium: Asphodelos’s second encounter is the Hippokampos, a giant creature that can create multiple floating heads. This fight features one

FFXIV Asphodellos The First Circle

The first part of Pandaemonium: Asphodelos sees you facing off against Erichthonios, a man challenging you in a frenzied state the moment you arrive

Pandaemonium Asphodelos

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s first set of 8-man raid encounters has arrived with Patch 6.01. This update adds Pandaemonium: Asphodelos, taking you

Cloud and Barret in a battle in Final Fantasy VII Remake

There's good news for Final Fantasy VII Remake PS Plus players today. If you've played the PS Plus version of the game and you own a PS5, you'll be

Starlight 2021 FFXIV

The holiday spirit has returned to Final Fantasy XIV once again (for those of us that can beat the queues, anyway). This time, you’ll be accompanying

Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule is the last destination in your journey to stop the Final Days, set on the remains of a dying star. Since you’re so close to the end of

Gear Guide FFXIV

MMOs are generally about getting the shiniest equipment to boost your effectiveness in battle, and Final Fantasy XIV is no different. The path to

Banner art for the new Chocobo GP racing game

Fans of Final Fantasy and frankly adorable-looking racing games, your time has come. The Chocobo GP release date has been announced. We'll be getting

FFXIV Labyrinthos

Despite being one of the very first zones you can explore in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, you don’t actually gain access to the full map of

FFXIV Elpis Aether Currents Guide

Elpis in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker features lots of lore relating to events in the previous expansion, and is just a nice looking area as well.

Thavnair Aether Currents

Thavnair is one of the first zones you’ll visit during your adventures in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, but you’ll only be able to acquire half of

Mare Lamentorum

This is it, the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker area that many people have been waiting for. Mare Lamentorum, the part of Eorzea’s moon that you visit,

FFXIV Login Queues Apology cover

Game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida has apologized for the long FFXIV login queues, explaining that the uptick in the game's popularity is

FFXIV Garlemald Aether Current Locations Guide Header

Zones in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker once again use the Aether Current system, requiring you to search the area or complete sidequests to unlock the

FFIX Hunt Board

The hunt returns once more in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, giving players an extra source of easy experience while questing through the new zones.

FFIX Reaper Sage Jobs

Final Fantasy XIV is full of playable jobs, with some being original to this entry in the franchise, while others are based on characters and jobs

Final Fantasy XIV

With Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker quite literally around the corner, it makes sense that Square Enix is bragging a little bit. Why wouldn't they?

Final Fantasy XIV White Mage Class

One of the most underplayed class types is healers, as you have likely found out from waiting for dungeons to finally pop. Despite the fact that they

Final Fantasy XIV Retainers

If you are going to play Final Fantasy XIV, then you're going to want to have Retainers. These helpful companions are essential to making money,

FFXIV Extreme Trials

You are going to spend a lot of time-fighting the bosses of Final Fantasy XIV. These bosses are contained in duties called Trials which will be

Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy is the latest in Square Enix's line of HD-2D titles. In Triangle Strategy, players will command a group of warriors as Serenoa,

Final Fantasy XIV

The hits seem to never stop coming with Final Fantasy XIV. Four years ago the game reached 10 million players, with the game hitting 16 and then 18

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Soundtrack FF14 cover

The Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers soundtrack is making its debut on Spotify and Apple Music soon, making 88 epic tracks of Masayoshi Soken's work