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World of Final Fantasy gets new details revealed

February 29, 2016

By: Alexandria Brown

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October 25,2016 (Calendar)
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New details for World of Final Fantasy have been revealed on the Japanese website for the game. Square Enix updated the site with new screenshots, information about the word and details on the characters. Also explained is how to befriend and power up those cute and friendly Mirages.



The protagonists of World of Final Fantasy live in the quaint town of “Nine Woodshill.” They will then journey to a mysterious land called Grymoire. In this expansive world there is field for every season and players can explore them all, starting with Saronia and Corneria.

World of Final Fantasy
Square Enix


Inhabiting Grymoire are Final Fantasy Legend characters including Squall, Quistis Trepe and Chocolatte. Squall is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa and is a faithful soldier in the organization called “Seed.” He uses a unique weapon called a “Gunblade” and trains with Cloud and Lightning.

World of Final Fantasy
Square Enix


Quistis Trepe is voiced by Miyu Sawashiro and is an officer of “Seed.” She keeps busy managing the organisation but still makes time for playing card games. Chocolatte is a saleswoman who pops up in unexpected places with a stock of useful items to sell. This character is voiced by Seiko Ueda.

A core element of World of Final Fantasy is capturing Mirages. Each Mirage will have their own requirements for capturing them such as using a special item. Once they are ready to be captured they will start to glow. If players Gem-ify the glowing mirages it’s possible to befriend them.

Once befriended players can name Mirages whatever they want. Check the “Dark Pastel” for a powerful and rare Mirage lurking in the shadows. Once you have a roster of faithful Mirage friends you can have a network battle in the Arena.

World of Final Fantasy
Square Enix


The Mirage Board is where you manage your fighting friends. Through the Mirage Board players can teach new abilities to and level up the Mirage’s you’ve befriended. Mirages can also be transformed and de-transformed to unlock special abilities.

Take a look at all the cute Mirages in the game at the Mirages Gallery found on the website. World of Final Fantasy will be available on PS4 and PS Vita sometime this year.