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Clanfolk Farm Closeup Preview


Clanfolk is a game that, under the surface of a well made, simple structure to follow, you have a survival experience as hardcore as it gets.

Clanfolk Survival and Food Guide


Clanfolk is a colony simulator, one where your survival is dependent on being well fed. This Clanfolk Survival guide goes over food, farming, hunting

Clanfolk clan characters guide


The members of your clan in Clanfolk are unique individuals, who have varied traits and skills. This guide breaks down those aspects for you, so you

Beginners Guide Clanfolk


Looking to survive your first playthrough of Clanfolk? Struggling with the mechanics at all? Here is a guide filled with explanations and tips to

Clanfolk Key Art

Game Page

Clanfolk is a survival simulation game set in the Scottish highlands, where you must guide your clan to survive the harsh conditions of the elements

Clanfolk Early Access Release Date cover


Fans of colony sims will soon have something new to play -- the Clanfolk Early Access release date has been locked in for July 2022.