Clanfolk Update Adds Rats And Cats To Catch The Rats

Published: September 9, 2022 10:36 AM /


A top-down view of a colony surrounded by trees and water in Clanfolk

A new Clanfolk update is upon us, and it's a pretty big one. This update is adding rats, which are a nuisance you'll have to deal with in your colony. Luckily, you'll also be able to "recruit" cats to take care of the rats, and there are lots more besides. Let's take a look!

What's in this new Clanfolk update?

Clanfolk hit Early Access back in July 2022, and it's already getting a steady stream of updates and new content. This new Clanfolk update is one of the game's biggest yet, introducing a brand new nuisance in the form of rats. These little critters spawn when you cut grass, and they'll spoil your food. They can scurry under doors, too, and they won't show themselves until everyone's left a room.

So, how do you deal with Clanfolk rats? The answer is simple: Clanfolk cats! They're being added in the new update as well. Scottish wildcats will prowl your colony looking for rats to eat, and as they spend time near people, they'll grow tamer. Tamed cats will hunt rats, but they'll also seek out socialization with humans and try to entertain themselves, which is pretty adorable.

A Clanfolk colony in the middle of winter, covered in snow
Your Clanfolk colony is about to get much more lively thanks to the addition of rats and cats.

If you're itching to meet the new Clanfolk cats, you can take part in the newly-added Hermit scenario, which introduces you not only to cats but also to kittens. I haven't met them yet, but I would die for them. Clan bloodlines are now being tracked, too, and you can marry off certain members of the clan if you want to. 

This latest Clanfolk update is also adding lots of system optimizations, which is a little less adorable than cats, but which is nevertheless necessary. The system optimizations should help to smooth out any Clanfolk stuttering you've been experiencing, and you should also notice larger colonies running more smoothly. Check out the full Clanfolk patch notes for an array of other changes, including minor balance stuff.

What is Clanfolk?

In essence, Clanfolk is a medieval colony sim that's kind of like RimWorld but takes place in the Scottish Highlands. You'll need to gather resources from your environment in order to survive, and as you do, you'll build up a colony, taking care of its needs and resolving its conflicts when they arise.

You'll need to contend with the changing seasons, colonists not getting along with one another, and natural disasters ravaging your colony, all of which demand immediate and appropriate action. As you play, you'll also meet other colonists (not players, though), and you'll have to decide whether to befriend them or turn them away.

Two colonists about to enter the colony in Clanfolk
Clanfolk tasks you with raising your very own family in the Scottish Highlands.

You can check out Clanfolk right now via Steam Early Access, where it'll cost you $19.99 or your local equivalent. Clanfolk can be a harsh and unforgiving world, so make sure you take a look at our Clanfolk guides if you want to know how to get started in the game.


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