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Minmax Games Ltd
Hooded Horse
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July 14, 2022 (Calendar)
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Clanfolk is a survival simulation game set in the Scottish highlands, where you must guide your clan to survive the harsh conditions of the elements as they build a new home for themselves.

Work the land from the ground up, learning new techniques and crafting new items with each passing day. Grow crops and keep your clan well-rested and fed, and avoid harsh weather, deadly fires, or starving in the winter. With a non-linear crafting progression and tons of unique traits and attributes to make every member of your clan unique, Clanfolk offers a fresh challenge every time you play it, one that will surely test how long you can survive, or how well you thrive.

Clanfolk is currently in early access and is available for the PC. 



Developer Quote

Manage schedules to make sure everyone is well rested, well fed, and reasonably happy without risking your family's preparedness for when the harsh winter inevitably settles in. Morning rituals, socializing, and rest punctuate a day of chores: sowing seeds, tilling soil, fishing, hunting, crafting, and cooking.

Every member of the family has their own traits, aspirations, dreams, and skills that help determine what they do best. They will care for themselves and for each other, and they will seek to better themselves over time. Your youngest family members are full of potential and learn from working alongside their elders - teach them to hunt, cook, clean, build, or farm, ensuring all the core survival skills are carried forward to the next generation when the elders must be put to rest.

The warm summers give way to crisp fall nights and brutal winters before life and spring return to the highlands - your survival depends on your ability to plan ahead and adapt to the flow of the seasons.

The environment presents constant challenges - your livestock, your wares, and your clanfolk themselves must be kept safe from heavy rain and sub-zero temperatures. Water left in the cold turns to ice that must be melted over a fire. Food soaked in the rain spoils quickly, though wet objects don't catch fire as easily. Farm animals without shelter can die of poor health, and unless your people are properly clothed in furs, they can freeze when not standing next to the warmth of a fire.

Establish your homestead starting with nothing but the land around you. Build the knowledge of survival across generations - every collected branch, tree, stone, and reed unlocks new ideas and methods your clanfolk can use to improve their living conditions.

Travelers seek lodging as they pass by your homestead, and if you so choose you can provide them shelter. Particularly happy guests might extend their stay or pay good coin, and building a bustling inn can be an attractive possibility.

Workers from other clans will arrive at job boards from time to time seeking an opportunity to earn money in exchange for their labor. A few extra skilled hands can go a long way towards finishing the harvest, bolstering your hunting parties, or staffing your newly built inn.