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Giles Hemlock standing in front of a display that says "How to Crush the Competition" in Park Beyond

New Park Beyond Trailer Introduces Your Slimy Rival Giles Hemlock

What's the one thing missing from most theme park management sims? If you answered "a villain you love to hate", then you'll appreciate the new Park Beyond trailer, which shows off your slimy rival…

January 18, 2023 | 10:33 EST

Park Beyond logo
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Park Beyond

Park Beyond will allow you to create an impossible theme park by not having to worry about technology, money, or gravity. The only limit is your creativity, and there are thousands of combinations…

November 16, 2022 | 05:20 EST

tropico 6 header
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Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is the latest entry in Kalypso's tropical island exploitation/dictatorship simulator series. Featuring election rigging, unhappy citizens, dubious deals with smugglers and other criminal…

March 29, 2019 | 07:00 EDT

tropico 6 review header

Tropico 6 Review - The Needs of the Many

Who doesn't love a good banana republic? Surely nothing could go wrong by concentrating wealth in the ruling class from an export-focused economy. Well, when you're El Presidente, you've got nothing…

March 29, 2019 | 07:00 EDT

Tropico 6 Header

PlayStation E3 2017 - Tropico 6

Continuing reveals in the PlayStation E3 preshow, Sony revealed the new and upcoming Tropico 6 game from Kalypso and Limbic Entertainment. The announcement was dominated largely by the new trailer…

June 12, 2017 | 09:59 EDT