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Kalypso Media
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March 29, 2019 (Calendar)
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Tropico 6 is the latest entry in Kalypso's tropical island exploitation/dictatorship simulator series. Featuring election rigging, unhappy citizens, dubious deals with smugglers and other criminal underworld figures, Tropico is an often hilarious look at dictatorship. New to Tropico 6 is the inclusion of island archipelagos, along with the ability to build bridges between islands. Additionally, you'll be asked to direct the research and make constitutional declarations that shape the politics of your isolated nation. Not satisfied with commanding attention from world superpowers? You can send out your spies to steal world-famous landmarks ranging from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Pyramids of Giza, all with various benefits.

Taking a small island nation from a colonial outpost into a major export hub for rare minerals and manufactured goods is no mean feat. Nonetheless, that is precisely your task in Tropico. Will you become a banana superpower, exporting millions of the potassium-rich fruit and related juices? Will you relentlessly strip-mine your islands in search of raw ores, polluting your clean Caribbean waters? Or will you become a tourist paradise, chock full of kitschy trinkets and entertainment for progressively richer visitors the world over? All of these futures are yours to imagine.

What good is a dictatorship without a colorful cast of advisors and supporters? Joining the eternally gracious El Presidente is his loyal second-in-command Penultimo, who constantly dreams of greater things for himself and the island. Besides Penultimo, you have a greedy general and a nun with a dirty mouth who are constantly at odds, a tree-hugging hippie, and more. You and your advisors will navigate through a series of missions (embellished by Penultimo!) that tell of your greatest and most humbling achievements as El Presidente. Who else can sell weapons to superpowers while building a nuclear bomb to stave off an invasion? Viva El Presidente!