Coverage Club is the series where we shift our critical eye towards smaller games that deserve some attention. Each week, staff select two titles and provide honest first impressions in the style of our full reviews based on a few hours of gameplay. Games can range from brand new titles hitting Early Access to older hidden gems that never got their due. No matter your preferences, you’re sure to find something off the beaten path here.

The following is in chronological order with the newest entry listed first.

Defense Mode (Bad North and Minako)

By Samuel Guglielmo and Robert N. Adams

defense mode coverage club

I know it’s not good form to say that I went to an indie party specifically to play a game. When I looked over The Mix’s games, however, Bad North stood out to me. I was already aware of, and excited for, the game. So knowing it was there caused me to beeline for it. I’m really happy I managed to get some hands-on time with the title, as I think there’s something rather cool in the works. Read more here…

Tracking the Tanks (Tank 51 and A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher)

By Robert N. Adams and Samuel Guglielmo

tracking the tanks coverage club

Tank 51 is a very straightforward game. Gigantic alien robots have invaded the planet. You have a tank. Your job is to blow up the aliens with your tank. I miss the days when games were this straightforward, and it was refreshing to go back to a simpler time, if only for a moment. Read more here…

Open Door Policy (The Inner Friend and Spritlands)

By Robert Grosso and Samuel Guglielmo

coverage club open door policy

I feel the need to set up the scene of The Mix before I start talking about The Inner Friend. The party took place at the top of a well-lit hotel. Over thirty indie games played on rows of TVs. Mega Ran was there performing his songs for people. There was a pool and a hot tub. The alcohol was flowing and there was so much food. A guy dressed as a wizard never broke character once. Basically, it was a joyful and packed event that very clearly had no monsters in it. Read more here…

May Flowers (Märchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift and Galactic Delivery)

By Robert N. Adams and Robert Grosso

may flowers coverage club

Typically, the summer months constitute a “down” time for games. You may have forgotten this last year since 2017 was a gold mine for amazing titles, but most years slow down in the months between E3 and the holiday rush. However, we here at Coverage Club know that there are always games to play. Just under the big new releases and the indie darlings, there are piles and piles of overlooked indie games just waiting for their day in the spotlight. We went back just a few months and found two interesting releases that you’ve probably never heard of. Read more here…

Hip to Be Square (Just Shapes & Beats and Lumines Remastered)

By Alex Santa Maria and Samuel Guglielmo

coverage club hip to be square

I used to be underground. I used to fool around. Then I played some bad games and had to settle down. Now I’m playing it real straight, and I even changed my tag. You might think I’m crazy, but I don’t even care. ‘Cause I can tell with what we’re covering.

It’s hip to be square. Read more here…

Mixing It Up (Spaera and Darq)

By Alex Santa Maria and Samuel Guglielmo

coverage club mixing it up

E3 is an all-consuming beast, and Coverage Club is no exception. It takes time, energy, and health in exchange for early looks at video games and opportunities to make a fool of yourself. That’s why the annual E3 Media Indie Exchange is such a fun time. Read more here…

Into the Mix (The King’s Bird, Hamsterdam, and Treachery in Beatdown City)

By Alex Santa Maria and Samuel Guglielmo

coverage club into the mix

E3 is an all-consuming beast, and Coverage Club is no exception. While covering the show of shows, we were unable to produce our weekly installment, but we’re not backing down. In fact, we’re doubling down with two weeks of extended coverage highlighting some of the hidden gems showcased at the annual E3 Media Indie Exchange. Read more here…

Cute Before The Storm (Fatal Twelve and Chuchel)

By Kyle Johnson and Robert N. Adams

coverage club cute before the storm

What better way to make the time go by than with some cuteness? With Chuchel and Fatal Twelve, we have two distinct brands of kawaii for gamers to fawn over. Whether you’re into weird animal noises or anime eyes, you’re covered for the last day before the big show. Let’s get crackin’! Read more here…

Stars and Skies (Skyforce Reloaded and Star Drift)

By Sam Guglielmo and Robert N. Adams

coverage club stars and skies

This is your pilot speaking. Please secure all your valuables and keep your tray tables to an upright position. As we close in on the stratosphere, please look outside your windows. You should be able to see the Sky Force Reloaded taking down the bad guys. This shoot ’em up, developed by Infinite Dreams, features unlockable ship upgrades and a range of difficulties. Read more here…

Flipping in Houses, Flopping in Space (House Flipper and Deep Sixed)

By Sam Guglielmo and Robert N. Adams

coverage club flipping in houses

his week we sell some houses in House Flipper, then we sell our sense of calm in Deep Sixed. Read more here…

Fox and Fancy Free (Fox n Forests and Nonogram)

By Trevor Whalen and Kyle Johnson

coverage club fox and fancy free

We’ve got 16-bit platformer Fox n Forests alongside minimalist puzzler Nonogram. So sit back, chill out, and take in some coverage. Read more here…

Paint and Poxes (Trailblazers and Containment)

By Alex Santa Maria and Trevor Whalen

coverage club paint and poxes

We hit the painted tracks of Trailblazers and solve for X with Containment. Read more here…

All Work and All Play (Staxel and Swim Out)

By Robert N. Adams and Alex Santa Maria

coverage club all work and all play

We’re working hard on the farm in Staxel and then relaxing by the pool with Swim Out. Read more here…

Circles and Squares (The Little Ball That Could and Fake Colours)

By Trevor Whalen and Robert N. Adams

coverage club circles and squares

We discover if the little ball really can in The Little Ball That Could. Following that, we expose colors for the fakes that they are in Fake Colours. Read more here…

All’s Fair in Love and War (Kamiko and Roguemance)

By Sam Guglielmo and Robert Grosso

coverage club love and war

We cleanse shrines with top-down action game Kamiko. Following that, we go on an action date with Roguemance. Read more here…

Cyber Spaces (PC Building Simulator and Cubiques)

By Robert N. Adams and Robert Grosso

coverage club cyber spaces

In this week’s episode, we go full cyber. We build the gateway to the information superhighway with PC Building Simulator. Then, we get on the grid with the cube based puzzles of Cubiques. Log in and tune out, let’s get to the games. Read more here…

From Cradle to Wave (Cradle and Alchemic Jousts)

By Alex Santa Maria and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club from cradle to wave

We reach into the backlog to play two older hidden gems. Sam takes a vacation to the distinctly odd world of Cradle and Alex burns down the laboratory with Alchemic Jousts. Read more here…

Digging Deep (Dig Dog and Morphite)

By Alex Santa Maria and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club digging deep

Alex digs up the garden in Dig Dog and Sam digs up space gardens in Morphite. Read more here…

Blackbeard’s Bounty (Tempest and Abandon Ship)

By Courtney Ehrenhofler and Alex Santa Maria

coverage club blackbeards bounty

Avast ye readarrrrs, there be skull and bones ahead. This week, we’re in full-on pirate mode to honor the release of Sea of Thieves! Courtney dove into the open seas of Tempest by Lion’s Shade. Across the bow, Alex tries his hand at escaping a deadly sea cult in Abandon Ship by Fireblade Software. Will these games walk the plank? Read on and find out for yeself. Read more here…

Tower Solitaire (Tower Fortress and Shadowhand)

By Alex Santa Maria and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club tower solitaire

Alex climbs another procedural tower in Tower Fortress. After that, Sam robs the rich and gives to the poor in Shadowhand. Read more here…

The Birds and the Bears (Bear With Me and Secrets of Rætikon)

By Courtney Ehrenhofler and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club birds and the bears

In this week’s episode, we get an animal duo on grand adventures! First up, Coverage Club Guest Star Courtney teams up with a detective teddy bear in Bear With Me. After that, Sam gets back in touch with his feathered side to take a look at Secrets of Rætikon. Read more here…

Puzzling Portmanteau (Grimante and Last Will)

By Alex Santa Maria and Trevor Whalen

coverage club puzzling portmanteau

Alex puzzles over the genre mashup that is Grimante and Trevor inherits the atmosphere of Last Will. Read more here…

Enter The Tetragon (Puyo Puyo Tetris and Octogeddon)

By Courtney Ehrenhofler and Alex Santa Maria

coverage club enter the tetragon

This week, Coverage Club breaks into hot new releases as Alex gives a port report of Puyo Puyo Tetris on PC. Then, Courtney rolls around the city causing havoc in George Fan’s Octogeddon. Read more here…

Adventure Time (Gray Matter and Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora)

By Courtney Ehrenhofler and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club adventure time

This week, our authors are feeling a little adventurous. Guest Coverage Clubber Courtney goes back to 2014 with Jane Jensen’s mind-altering Gray Matter. After that, Sam climbs up the fire escape and takes up the case in Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora. Read more here…

A Time For Murder (High Hell and Subsurface Circular)

By Alex Santa Maria and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club time for murder

Alex scales the rooftops and commits devil murder in High Hell from Devolver Digital. After that, Sam punches his ticket on the Subsurface Circular, a graphical text adventure featuring robot murder. So yes, either way, there’s going to be murder. Read more here…

Insane in the Fast Lane (Steredenn and STATUS INSANE)

By Alex Santa Maria and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club insane in the fast lane

Alex warps to the star-filled skies of Steredenn to see if it’s still rocking after leaving Early Access. Meanwhile, Sam checks himself into the asylum with Frostbullet’s quirky new puzzler STATUS INSANE. Read more here…

Tanks For Nothing (ShellShock Live and Reconquest)

By Alex Santa Maria and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club tanks for nothing

Alex and Sam’s games share a common theme of heavy artillery. First, Alex checks in on ShellShock Live, a modern take on Scorched Earth that features a whole host of insane weapons. Then, Sam commands the battlefield in style with Reconquest. Read more here…

Long Road to Ruin (Ruin of the Reckless and Stereo Aereo)

By Alex Santa Maria and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club long road to ruin

Both members of the Coverage Club indulge in their favorite genres. Alex starts a climb to the top of the Ruin of the Reckless, a melee-focused roguelite by Faux-Operative Games that shares similarities with the greats of the genre. After that, Sam keeps up the beat with the rhythm stylings of Stereo Aereo by The Stonebot Studio. Read more here…

Freaks of a Feather (Freaky Awesome and Crow)

By Alex Santa Maria and Sam Guglielmo

coverage club freaks of a feather

Alex is losing his head over Mandragora’s Freaky Awesome, a top-down roguelike set in a toxic sewer that’s infested with mutants. Meanwhile, Sam gets in touch with his inner birb as he plays Sunside Inc’s Crow, a critically acclaimed action adventure that released on Steam back in 2014. Read more here…