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The developer of Yandere Simulator has posted a dev blog that details how rivals are going to work as a mechanic in the game. An accompanying animation was included to comically highlight some of the frustrations about a currently indestructible character.

A girl who has been dubbed “Rival-chan” had been inserted into the game over a year ago to test a specific feature and has been left alone otherwise. Unlike many characters in this game, this girl does not interact with anyone or move from her spot. Moreover, she seems to be wholly indestructible despite the best efforts of many.

YandereDev went on to talk about how important the rival character is. The entire point of Yandere Simulator is to eliminate the rival one way or another so as to keep them away from your beloved Senpai. Beating the rival is the victory condition for the game, and since the victory condition is not yet implemented there is also no true failure condition yet, either. For these reasons, YandereDev feels that it’s not fair to judge or criticize the game at this point in time since it’s wholly lacking its core game mechanic.

YandereDev then proceeded to describe exactly what it would take in terms of game design to have a properly implemented Rival for Yandere Simulator:

  • The rival needs a very carefully designed daily routine. Her routine needs to put her in close proximity to Senpai – or numerous witnesses – at nearly all times, so that it is not possible to just run right up to her and stab her and complete the game’s main objective within 60 seconds.
  • The rival needs to interact with Senpai. These events will not only demonstrate the two characters’ closeness, but also provide the player with opportunities to sabotage their interactions.
  • The rival needs to react to Yandere-chan’s presence in ways that the other NPCs do not. The rival should be able to realize that Yandere-chan is stalking her, and react accordingly.
  • Each one of the game’s 10 planned rival girls needs to have a district personality that is demonstrated through unique animations that other NPCs don’t possess.
  • The rival needs a “love confession under the cherry tree” cut-scene – and also a “rejected” cut-scene, as well.

YandereDev continues to say that he would prefer not to do a poor job on the implementation of the rival and so he is going to take his time with it. A total of ten Rival girls are planned for Yandere Simulator, and he wants the gameplay experience of the first implemented Rival to get people hyped about seeing the future Rivals.

Moving on to the game as a whole, YandereDev “feel[s] confident” that the next build of Yandere Simulator will be available on May 1st, 2016. Once he has implemented one or two more elimination methods there won’t really be very much work that he can do in the game without implementing at least one Rival at first. The first Rival is expected to be added to Yandere Simulator within the next few months.

The previous update of Yandere Simulator was released on April 15, 2016 and it was a bit smaller than is usual. It had a slew of bug fixes including animation bugs and UI issues. A new feature was added where NPCs would investigate Yandere-chan’s giggles if they didn’t have line of sight on her. A stats screen has been added to the protagonist’s phone, and the Gaming Club (along with its associated Club Benefit) has been implemented. YandereDev had some complications with making progress on the game during this time and elected not to comment on the specifics so as to prevent a “flood of stupid e-mails”.

You can download a debug build of Yandere Simulator from the game’s website. Bear in mind that the developer makes a point of stating that the game is “only 5% complete” and doesn’t have enough content to be considered a demo. If you’re expecting a lot of gameplay, you won’t find it yet.

What do you think of Yandere Simulator? Do you agree with the developer’s statement that the game can’t be judged or critiqued fairly since the core mechanics of the game are not yet implemented? Let us know in the comments below!

Robert N. Adams

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  • Agt_Pendergast

    Is it weird I’m more hyped for this game than Hitman?

  • Garbagio Dumpsterino

    I think you can critique what is there, but you have to take into account how much is missing in order to be fair. You can criticize individual components and mechanics, and in fact I think doing so would be beneficial.

    However, something like assigning a score to the game as a whole would absolutely not be fair. It’s not at that stage yet, and I don’t think adding just one rival would even get it there.

  • Zepherdog

    Not at all. Unlike Hitman, this looks interesting to say the least.

  • To me, it seems like the dev is saying “It’s not exactly fair to criticize a game when the gameplay hasn’t even been implemented yet.” I can see where he’s coming from.

  • JellyfishMonarch

    ive been following this game for nearly a year now. lets just say in the past 3 months its had more (and bigger) updates than the others.

    Oh also i think it was stated there might be a kickstarter in the works. and with how many views his (and other yandere sim youtubers) get i wouldn’t be surprised to see this getting funded extremely quickly.

  • Galbador

    And it is unique… or I haven’t seen any other games, where you kill your rivals to get the love of your life.

  • GrimFate

    So when it says each rival “… needs to have a district personality…”, is this a typo/mistake or are the rivals coming from different districts of Japan? Cos the latter would be cool.

  • I copied that verbatim and wasn’t sure on that one. “District personality” might work with the whole thing like “girls from Harajuku”, “girls from Okinawa”, etc.

    If I ever correct anything it would be done so in brackets, such as “needs to have a [distinct] personality”.

  • DynastyStar

    Looking forward to the game 🙂 I’m not likely to buy it right now because I wanna wait for it to be more fleshed out.

  • DynastyStar

    The problem with criticizng “components and mechanics” is that the game might be missing other componants/mechanics which will make the criticism moot. Don’t get me wrong though, I avoid Early Access like the plague most of the time, but Yandere Dev is dedicated and shown that his patreon money is put to good use with continuous updates, where as Early Access games might go months without an update. So long as Yandere Dev continuously does update developments, the shield of the game being in alpha still holds to me.

  • Agt_Pendergast

    Loved Blood Money, didn’t like Absolution and definitely not a fan of the episodic thing the latest is doing. Might give it a chance once a complete version is out. But Yandere seems to have everything I loved about Blood Money with an interesting twist that actually has some compelling gameplay informed by it’s premise.

  • Sam

    my one hope at this point is that we get a yandere rival who will stalk / kill us or will kill others then try to pin the blame on us.

  • That’d be pretty hard to pull off but pretty cool still. Like they steal a lock of your hair and leave it on the scene of a murder or something like that.