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The closure of United Front Games came about just a couple of days ago. They are now offering refunds to anyone who asks on Steam for their latest release SMASH+GRAB, regardless of hours played, through the Steam refund system.

You can, of course, keep the game if you would like, but the servers that support SMASH+GRAB will likely not stay up too much longer. However, SMASH+GRAB was removed from the Steam store the same day the announcement of United Front Games’ closure, so it is no longer obtainable. The store page is still up, though all you can do is request a refund through it.

The reasons as to why United Front Games was closed, and that development for SMASH+GRAB is likely over, have yet to be revealed. The game was pulled in the midst of a Free Weekend on Steam as well. More questions as to what happened at United Front Games get raised when you consider the fact that the game is at “Mostly Positive” on Steam and our own Jordan Oloman enjoyed his time when he previewed it, and that the delisting and shutdown appeared to happen during their Steam Free Weekend, albeit near the end.

Over time the story behind what exactly is going on at United Front Games will hopefully be revealed, as well as the fate of SMASH+GRAB. Check back here at TechRaptor for any more news.

Quick Take

It’s not as though United Front Games made games of low quality, so the news is really puzzling to me. SMASH+GRAB has been getting some good buzz as well and seems as though it was going along quite happily. So, it definitely seems to me that the product was not the case at United Front Games. What’s really going on will certainly be interesting to find out.

Unfortunately, I’d be leaning towards this being the end of SMASH+GRAB, considering they’re offering refunds to everyone who asks.

Will you be seeking a refund? Would you like the development on SMASH+GRAB to continue? Have you played the game?

Andrew Otton

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  • eltonBorges

    Why dismantle the studio so fast? And when it was almost releasing a new, and so far well received, game. It’s something I don’t remember happening before.

  • It’s just speculation, but it seems like they needed this game to hit really big in order to continue, and it just didn’t do that. They sunk money into both Triad Wars and Disney Infinity, I don’t think they had much of a choice.

  • Sarusig Musicman

    Happens all the time. Studio places a gambit on final game to save itself. Projections show it won’t be enough to save studio. Studio closes. Chances are the studio was not dismantled fast, but it had actually been in a bad spot for months, maybe years, and they just pushed it to get one last shot. And it wasn’t working.

  • coboney

    Infinity from what I understand there was essentially work for hire for them so it helped keep them alive. Triad Wars on the other hand I imagine hurt a lot.

  • eltonBorges

    What I found amazing was the fact that they had to pull the plug of a project when it was already on the market, they way it happen. It was sudden.
    If I remember correctly, Sony did some messed up things too with the studios responsible for Twisted Metal PS3 and Playstation All Stars, but this was an owner closing subsidiaries, here the studio closed by itself during the promotion of their newest game.
    To be honest, now I’m really curious about how they managed to make Smash+Grab at all.

  • eltonBorges

    Isn’t the Sleeping Dogs franchise owned by Square/Enix/Eidos? They also put money on Triad no? But, I don’t understand the studio risk this much, when other titles failed bad at this market, like APB. Bad decisions.

  • Triad Wars was a Sleeping Dogs spin off and basically the only thing that Square Enix would fund at the time. If they would have picked up Sleeping Dogs 2, all this might have been avoided :/