Eidos Montreal took to the stage to show off information about their new Deus Ex game. After the strange reveal on Twitch earlier this year we know that the new game will be called Mankind Divided. The team from the last game will return and be using the new Dawn engine that will help bring new life to the world. This new game will take place two places after the previous game and the setting of the world is even darker as the augmented and non augmented people are now separated.

The illuminati are present in this game and it’s up to Jensen with the help of some hackers to try to take down this evil organization. You aren’t able to just do it as you are, you will need more upgrades such as a gun that is hidden in your arm. The way that you make choices will not only change the way that people react to you but will completely influence the end of the game, just how much is still to be seen.

A full in engine trailer was then shown showcasing story elements and some of the new weapons and abilities that you will come across in this game.

Deus Ex Universe app is now available and you can preorder this game for a 2016 release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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