Copa Lúcioball is having issues according to multiple tweets from Blizzard Entertainment’s customer support Twitter account (First, Second, Third). The issues are being tracked and compiled in a thread on the /r/Overwatch subreddit created by /u/SpriteGuy_000, one of the moderators of Reddit’s largest community for Overwatch.

Copa Lúcioball is the special competitive version of the soccer-based Arcade mode for the 2017 Summer Games event. One of the first issues players encountered was an inability to queue, soon after which they found themselves stuck in the queue and unable to leave. That is, of course, if players are able to queue at all. The lucky few who were able to get in reported a number of other issues such as being unable to leave their group, wins not counting, and competitive points not being appropriately awarded after a win.

Teams have occasionally been unbalanced (4 vs. 2 or 5 vs. 1 instead of the proper 3 vs. 3). The ball itself is having some trouble as well; players have reported the ball falling through the map or just disappearing entirely.

These problems seem to be largely contained in the competitive version of the game; although Copa Lúcioball is having issues, the regular version of the arcade game mode seems to be playing more or less fine from player reports.

Other problems have been reported relating to the 2017 Summer Games event including a general inability to log in on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Some players have found that opened loot boxes will not properly display the items they’ve received. Lastly, the issues related to the competitive version of Lúcioball seem to be affected regular Competitive Play in some fashion: players are reporting similar issues like the proper adjustment of their SR following a win or loss.

Update #2: An issue where Competitive Play ranking & Copa Lúcioball ranking were linked and preventing people from playing Copa Lúcioball together based on different Competitive rankings was pushed as a hotfix.


Blizzard is saying that some of the login issues are resolved, but they are still investigating further issues, especially regarding competitive.

What do you think of the 2017 Summer Games event so far? Have you encountered any of these issues yourself? Do you think Blizzard Entertainment could have done more to prepare a new gameplay mode before launching? Let us know in the comments below!

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