We Happy Few, Compulsion Games’s first-person psychological thriller, will be joining the Xbox Game Preview program and Steam Early Access on July 26th. After revealing We Happy Few on February 26th, 2015, Compulsion Games initiated a crowdfunding campaign to fund its development. The goal of $200,000 was met within a month after thousands of backers pledged their support. The brief gameplay demo, shown at Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference, showcased the fantastically unsettling world of We Happy Few. The game is set in a dystopian, alternate version of post-World War II England. During the year 1964, in the town of Wellington Wells, the populace must frequently ingest “Happy Pills” in order to be unified under a false sense of happiness.We happy few 02 Players control a protagonist that refuses to continue to suppress the truth by not taking his pills, becoming a “Downer”. By not indulging in this drug the character realizes that citizens’ perception of reality is being twisted in exchange for an escape from depression. However, Downers are actively pursued and even attacked by their fellow citizens, as they threaten the norm state of happiness.  The dystopian element of We Happy Few is fueled by a survival rogue-like design which will require players to explore a procedurally generated town in order to escape their fate. We happy few

The early version of We Happy Few that will be made available has been described as not being a definitive experience. While this version will feature an ending of sorts, Compulsion Games has been clear in stating that the game will continue to be updated. Companion Games’s last title, Contrast, featured a set of themes and narrative elements that were unique. Companion Games certainly seems to be keeping to its promise of developing unique, picturesque games with the direction it has taken We Happy Few.

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