We Happy Few Gets Arcade Modes In New 1.7 Update


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We Happy Few Gets Arcade Modes In New 1.7 Update

March 26, 2019

By: William Worrall

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April 13, 2018 (Calendar)
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Compulsion Games has announced a brand new free update for We Happy Few which adds some brand new arcade modes to the game. The update includes several new modes which were promised back during the game's Kickstarter days. The 'Wellie' mode has changed names but is now finally coming to the game, and tasks the player with performing the duties of a friendly local bobby. In 'Night's Watch' you play as Constable Constable and must keep watch on those filthy downers so they don't corrupt polite British society. You fight off wave after wave of enemies in quick-paced combat and must keep your joy levels up to maintain your stiff upper lip.

There is also a new survival mode coming to We Happy Few or rather coming back to We Happy Few. Back when the game was released in alpha/beta stages it was mainly focused around procedurally generated survival gameplay, with the latest update anyone who was a fan of that game mode has finally got it back. As you might guess from the name the survival mode is free of narrative and instead simply tasks the player with surviving in an incredibly harsh world.

The final new mode added by We Happy Few 1.7 is a sandbox mode, which is effectively a huge customizable free-for-all. You can mess around with the procedural generation to achieve strange effects, you get access to a whole bunch of cheats and in general, can enjoy some consequence-free tinkering in the world. Once again this mode contains no narrative, allowing players to enjoy a more relaxing experience than being hunted down by the local constabulary.

The update also brings a slew of bug fixes and structural changes to make preparations for the season pass DLC when that comes out. The We Happy Few 1.7 update is available right now across consoles and PC releases.


Which of the new modes are you most excited about? Did you back We Happy Few on Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments below!


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