The Legend of Dark Witch is a game that combines the frustrating designs in MegaMan and combines it with the infuriating genre of bullet hell. Which in my opinion, breaks the game in so many aspects.

zlCfzSk5570ND7P4BVYou start the game as a female (every boss and every character you play as is female) character by the name of Zizou Olympia as she runs around, trying to find out the mystery of where a missing power supply known as Syega. But everyone you go to in order to find information wants to fight you for no legit reason.

Each boss can be picked the same way they can in MegaMan, you have your choice of 6 levels to play in, and at the end of every shockingly short level is the boss. In each level you platform, trying not to get hit by enemies, or fall down pits of no return. But the more enemies you defeat, the more Tres you obtain, Tres is a source of power like Experience to get upgrades. These upgrades make you stronger and faster. When you die, you lose all of that experience and have to get it all over again, which is a huge detriment when fighting bosses.

Unlike in megaman though, you have a limited number of times you can be hit crossing the entire level or you die and have to restart either from the beginning, or from a checkpoint. Defeating monsters only give health if you are on Easy mode, and even then it is seldom that you will get any.

And speaking of Easy mode, it was the only way I could defeat this game. The difficulty spike between Easy and Normal was catastrophically high. It is very unlikely that you can play on Normal mode and get to the boss with a high enough upgrade and sufficient health to defeat the boss, especially in RPG’s greatest foe, The Ice Level. The boss level also raises dramatically, and it takes much longer to defeat the boss. But if you like being bald due to ripping hair out, they also have a Lunatic mode, where not only are the enemies much harder, they are also much faster!

New Skill Get...

New Skill Get…

After you beat the game, you get certain rewards, such as Syega which can give you more upgrades, you can also play a game of one time Poker to try to win more (or lose more) Syega as well. You also get to unlock a new character, but the reason she is an unlockable character is a mystery, because she sucks.

The voice acting is pretty good though, complete with Japanese voice actors. And I have to admit that the music was really good as well, even if the rest of the game really isn’t all that good. The graphics look great, which is why I was excited to play it. Kinda disapointed though.

You can buy this game from the 3DS Nintendo eShop for about 4$




This game suffers from a lot of flaws, like some Engrish, but it is certainly playable. Even if you can beat the whole game in less than 2 hours.

Lucy Walcott

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