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Eternal Masters artwork Competitive Deck Primer

Competitive Magic: The Gathering – Aggro Primer

September 23, 2016 by Brandon Bobal

In our last entry in TechRaptor’s Magic: The Gathering archetype primer series, we took a quick look at the nine different archetypes that could be found within competitive play. As…

Magic The Gathering Deck Primer

Competitive Magic: The Gathering – Archetype Introduction

September 9, 2016 by Brandon Bobal

In previous TechRaptor Magic: The Gathering articles (such as our article detailing the Eldrazi Winter), we have described certain types of decks without properly quantifying what those terms mean.  Descriptive…

Magic The Gathering Eldrazi Winter

Magic: The Gathering – The Eldrazi Winter

August 19, 2016 by Brandon Bobal

Maintaining how Magic: The Gathering cards from newer Standard format sets affect older formats, such as Modern and the Eternal formats, is a very delicate balancing act. If the cards…

Magic The Gathering From the Vault Lore

From the Vault: Lore – Is it Worth Buying?

August 12, 2016 by Brandon Bobal

On August 1, 2016, Wizards of the Coast released the full spoiler for this year’s iteration of the From the Vault Magic: The Gathering collection. From the Vault: Lore is…

Magic The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Budget Play – A Response

June 17, 2016 by Brandon Bobal

Hello, fellow TechRaptor readers and Magic: The Gathering players.  Today’s editorial is a response piece to an article written last week by Gavin Verhey, titled “Five Steps to Winning on…

Magic The Gathering Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters: Lessons in Product Design

June 10, 2016 by Brandon Bobal

Hello, TechRaptor readers and Magic: The Gathering players.  Today marks the release of Eternal Masters, the long-awaited reprint set containing staples from the “Eternal” Magic: The Gathering formats.  You can…

dnd beginners guide cover

A Guide to Dungeons & Dragons: Your Character

May 2, 2016 by Kindra Pring

If you’ve ever for a second considered getting into pen and paper roleplay, most likely the first system you’ve considered is Dungeons & Dragons, the quintessential tabletop RPG that defined the…

Nagash Header

Necessary Evils – Exploring Player-Controlled Villainy

April 30, 2016 by Michael Johnson

Hello, TechRaptor readers. Although I had originally planned to write this article independent of any others here, I’ve decided to alter my original plan a bit and build a bit…

gw rules banner

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Retrospective – Just What The Hell Happened?

January 30, 2016 by Michael Johnson

Hello, TechRaptor readers. Now that the initial furor around the release of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar has finally settled, I’d like to take deeper look at the game to see how it’s…

Diary of Death Finale Header

Diary of Death Part 10 – Finale

January 22, 2016 by Travis Williams

Welcome back to Diary of Death. This series takes thematic approach to narrating a campaign of the board game Kingdom Death: Monster. If you’d like to know more about the…