Have you been wondering where vehicle combat games have gone (other than to a special GTA Online mode)? Do you like the vibrant colors and style of 80s and early 90s cartoons? Then you may want to pause here and take a look at Auto Age: Standoff, the next release from developer Phantom Compass.

Auto Age: Standoff is a vehicular combat game where you and other players are placed in the wastelands of New America battling in a variety of modes such as deathmatch (team and solo), base assault and more. As part of it, you choose your vehicle and make customization choices on how to equip your vehicle with missiles, mines, rams, and more. There are over 14 vehicles across a variety of classes and over 30 weapons and gadgets in the game. Rather than telling you about the style, how about I show you a trailer that captures it quite well:

For those wondering, Auto Age: Standoff supports both online and split-screen play and comes with bots to allow players to play on their own. At this time, up to 12 players can play in a single match. There is also a posted roadmap for Auto Age: Standoff with the developers showing plans to add things like more cars, stand-alone servers and more to the game.

Auto Age: Standoff releases September 21 on Steam for $19.99 with a likely, but yet unannounced, launch discount. If you want to learn more about it, check out our EGLX coverage of it from last year!

Quick Take

While I wasn’t the one who wrote our hands-on, I did get to play Auto Age Standoff last year and I will say the aesthetic is every bit as good as it looksIt was a lot of fun then and it looks like they’ve just gone on refining it since. It’s definitely a title to keep an eye on and stay tuned for our upcoming review!

What do you think of Auto Age Standoff‘s aesthetic? Are you interested in the type of gameplay it has? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don Parsons

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