GTA Online‘s latest DLC has arrived, bringing along a variety of new content, including several new vehicles such as cars and aircrafts. Additionally, a new Adversary Mode has been added that eerily represents a familiar game that’s been making the rounds as of late.

The Smuggler’s Run DLC comes with a hanger that, once purchased, provides you with a complimentary Cuban 800 and plentiful space to store more aircrafts. But more importantly, you’ll also be able to engage in business as a CEO or MC President and earn money doing aerial deliveries with the help of Nervous Ron.

GTA Online Meets PUBG In The Smugglers Run motor wars

The feature that may receive the most attention, however, is the new adversary mode named Motor Wars. In it, four teams parachute into an increasingly shrinking zone. Once landed, the teams scrounge up any weapons and weaponized vehicles that they can find, and take the battle to the opposing teams in a battle for survival. All the while, the playable region shrinks, killing anyone who strays outside of it.

If that game mode sounds familiar, it’s because it’s very similar to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (also known as PUBG). Selling over 8 million units already, it has become increasingly more popular as time goes on, going so far as to even beat DOTA2 in Most Concurrent Players on Steam last weekend and occasionally repeats that achievement.

At its core, the formula is by no means new. Games such as H1Z1 King of the Kill and The Culling have toyed with the format as well, though Player Unknown started out as part of the team that created H1Z1 King of the Kill but later on left to create PUBG.

What do you think of theĀ Smuggler’s Run update? Are you interested in trying Motor Wars or any of the other additions? Would you prefer if they just add a single player DLC? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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