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A gameplay screenshot of a reward crystal in Witchfire with the preview overlay

Witchfire Preview - I Keep Dying, But I Know It's My Fault

The Souls-like genre is booming with every permutation imaginable. Hot off the heels of Lies of P we have Witchfire, an FPS roguelite 'tough-as-nails' shooter that absolutely delivers on key elements…

September 21, 2023 | 04:42 EDT

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Witchfire is a skill-based first-person shooter that features no cut scenes. Players will take on the life of a Preyer, normal humans that have decided to allow the church to use Pagan magic to turn…

January 6, 2023 | 12:30 EST

The player pointing their gun at enemies in a dingy dungeon in Witchfire

New Witchfire Trailer Shows Off Gorgeous DLSS 3-Enabled World

A new Witchfire trailer has been released, and it's a doozy. The Astronauts' upcoming dark fantasy roguelite shooter will feature Nvidia's DLSS 3 technology, allowing it to offer the best of both…

January 3, 2023 | 12:00 EST

The player standing in a gloomy field with an imposing castle silhouetted in the background in Witchfire

Witchfire Delayed To Add Semi-Open World

If you were hoping not to see dark fantasy roguelite Witchfire delayed, then sadly, you're out of luck. The FPS has been pushed back to early 2023 for its Early Access release, but unlike the usual…

October 12, 2022 | 09:49 EDT

Everything We Know About Witchfire cover

Everything We Know About Witchfire - Release Date, Multiplayer, Co-Op, Platforms

We're here to tell you everything we know about Witchfire including its release date, platforms, difficulty, and if there will be co-op or multiplayer in the next game from The Astronauts. What is …

January 20, 2022 | 08:02 EST

Witchfire Release Date Q4 2022 cover

Witchfire Release Date Tentatively Set for Late 2022

The Witchfire release date window has been revealed by developer The Astronauts -- it's expected to arrive in Early Access in late 2022, but nothing is set in stone. Witchfire is an upcoming…

January 19, 2022 | 03:53 EST

Animator Jakub "Kubold" Kisiel holding a mo-cap gun for Witchfire

Witchfire Devs Are Animating Guns With Duct Taped Mo-Cap Guns

Development on upcoming dark fantasy FPS Witchfire is ongoing, and animator Jakub "Kubold" Kisiel isn't letting the coronavirus stop him from getting creative. A video uploaded to developer The…

April 23, 2020 | 08:45 EDT

Witchfire Header

TGA 2017 - Witchfire Announced

The announcement opened up with a forest, showing a portal opening under a tree. When the player passed through they ended up in what appeared to be a graveyard. We then learned that the game is from…

December 7, 2017 | 11:52 EST