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Bryan Dupont-Gray

Former Staff Writer

About Bryan Dupont-Gray

Bryan Dupont-Gray is a content creator and writer based in Houston, Texas. He previously worked a few publications and has well-rooted experience in writing articles, press releases and has provided journalism coverage of the entertainment and video game industry

By night, he is a local DJ. He has hosted several K-POP Nights at clubs like Barbarella and Henke & Pillot to much success. He continues to contribute his remixes to Houston's Chopped & Screwed music culture via his YouTube channel and is currently working on a solo EP project.

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still not dead review header

Still Not Dead Review

A love letter to classic gut-busting run and gun shooters from the 90s, Still Not Dead's has that spark that keeps you coming back for more.

February 22, 2019 | 12:00 EST