Praey for the Gods Will Let You Slay Giant, Powerful Bosses On January 31

Published: January 29, 2019 9:18 PM /


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There are plenty of ‘clone’ games that are gorgeously done and others that come up short. As such, the developers at No Matter Studios have attempted to take the magic wonder of Shadow of the Colossus and spin it on its head with Praey for the Gods, and open world “boss climbing” experience set to release on PC and Steam on January 31st. The more I look at the trailers for Praey for the Gods, the more I believe that this goes far beyond what ‘clone’ games are supposed to be capable of. Dark Souls, Overwatch and PUBG — three games that have ultimately created a winning formula in their own right in terms of unparalleled gameplay and mechanics — have seen a plethora of imitators following the wake of their releases. But what No Matter Studios have concocted here is not imitation, but a celebratory ode to the gameplay and visually stunning experience that Shadow of the Colossus brought to the table 14 years ago. In Praey for the Gods, players take on the role of a lone boy with bow and arrow in tow, trapped in an apocalyptic winter wonderland and forced to survive against giant, powerful ‘Gods’ that threaten his very life. In this open world game, players will not only engage in larger-than-life boss fights, but they will be free to climb, glide and swim their way around the gorgeously cryptic ruins and snowy avalanches, solving puzzles and finding hidden treasures that solve a mystery that even the Gods themselves have trouble unraveling.

You can also expect Praey for the Gods to push players into fighting against the bone-chilling frozen island and its nature. The game, after all, is centered around survival, so players will need to make campfire, kill deer for food and synthesize weapons after having defeated a few low-level enemies along the way. Perhaps the best part about the game is that you can challenge any of the mammoth-like Gods in any order you choose. One quick look at the trailers will leave you in awe; how exactly did a small team of three video game developers manage to create what looks to be an excellent masterpiece and a worthy successor to SOTC? We can’t answer that question just yet. We’ll have to unravel the mystery together when Praey of the Gods makes its triumphant release on January 31 for PC via Steam. You can catch the bone-chilling trailer of No Matter Studio’s Praey for the Gods below!



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