Engage In WW2 Mayhem In Steel Division 2; "Back To War" Pre-Order Offer

Published: January 31, 2019 6:18 PM /



Who doesn’t love tanks and air fighters? They’re a powerful facet to tactical warfare and a necessary weapon when imposing your will on enemy factions. That’s why Eugen Systems is continuing their tradition of tactical RTS mayhem with their upcoming release of Steel Division 2, set to release for PC on Steam later this year.  Made by the same creators of Wargame and picking up where Steel Division: Normandy 44 left off,  Steel Division 2 looks to improve upon its predecessor tenfold by adding more engaging gameplay elements as well as the ability to pilot the Sherman Jumbo tank and the Churchill IV and plenty of other military makes that broke ground during the massive scuffle of World War 2. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to control an entire army, the second iteration of this franchise allows players to engage in realistic 1:1 scale strategic campaigns that will have you doing battle against the Axis Forces during Operation Bagration. Whether you’re mobilizing tanks on the ground or navigating swift and deadly aircraft fighters in the sky, Steel Division 2 comes packed with over 25 maps and several skirmish modes. The deck system makes its debut here as well, which allows players to closely customize their units as well as assemble the best battle groups possible. Indeed, this one is for history buffs everywhere. For fans who thoroughly enjoyed and own a digital copy of Normandy 44, Eugen Systems announced today that they’ll be treating fans who plan on buying Steel Division II with a “Back to War” offer of an extra 350 units that will serve as nice additions to the already 600 units that come with the game.

Those who pre-order the game today on Steam will have access to the Open Beta once it launches. Those looking to get their hands on the official release ahead of time will be able to get clean 48-hour access if either the Commander Deluxe Edition, General Deluxe Edition, or Total Conflict Edition is pre-ordered. Steel Division 2 will be jumping into the battlefield when it drops on April 4. You can pre-order the game here. Peep the epic "Back To War" trailer below!