Aliens and Humans Clash as Attack of the Earthlings Comes To Consoles

Gaming article by Bryan Dupont-Gray on Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 16:41

Turned based-strategy games are a special kind of art, and we’re lucky to still have exciting developers like Team JunkFish, as they attempt to top their survival-horror title Monstrum. Enter Attack of the Earthlings, an aliens vs humans-style turned-based strategy thriller coming to the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. How would you feel if you were an alien and you saw humans encroaching your home planet? Not very happy, I’ll bet. In Attack of the Earthlings, players control the Swarmers as they attempt to eradicate and, yes literally devour members of the Galactoil Corporation. Stealth is vital to carrying out your mission as players must slip and sneak around laboratories, corridors and vents undetected in order to successfully squash GC’s invasion. Players will freely be able to upgrade their units, roles and special abilities as they collect biomass, a form of currency used in Attack of the Earthlings. With strategy, stealth and upgrades added to the mix, this title looks to score some major points for innovation. There’s will also be a full-fledged story that you can sink your teeth to while progressing through the single-player campaign, a story that says will heighten the comedic factor of the already absurd turmoil between humans and extra-terrestrial according to game publishers at Wales Interactive. “We’re proud to have a wide variety of genres on our games label, with Attack of the Earthlings filling that strategy gap,” Wales Interactive Managing Director and Co-Founder David Banner said. “We instantly fell in love with the darkly comedic theme of aliens vs humans with a twisted spin on the genre.” We can expect to see how this clash between two species play out when the Attack of the Earthlings officially lands on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 5. If you want to check it out right now it's on PC on Humble Bundle for Steam. For gameplay footage check out the official trailer below!


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