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mable & The Wood

Mable & The Wood Launches On PC, Nintendo Switch And Xbox One This Summer

Graffiti Games and Triplevision Games have announced that Mable & The Wood will release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam this summer. Players will explore a dying fantasy world in which they hunt down and destroy giant monsters, then shapeshift into the beasts they vanquish, gaining use of mystical powers to do with as they wish. This metroidvania will allow gamers to play a complete no-kill run-through, even providing secret detours from bosses. In an interesting twist, in lieu of the character running, jumping and killing by themselves, they must use their beast forms to attack creatures and maneuver tricky terrain. Players will travel as Mable through an expansively detailed fantasy world, meticulously realized through state-of-the-art pixel technology with an atmospheric original soundtrack.

May 16, 2019 | 10:29 EDT