Mable & The Wood Launches On PC, Nintendo Switch And Xbox One This Summer

Published: May 16, 2019 10:29 AM /


mable & The Wood

Graffiti Games and Triplevision Games have announced that Mable & The Wood will release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam this summer. Players will explore a dying fantasy world in which they hunt down and destroy giant monsters, then shapeshift into the beasts they vanquish, gaining use of mystical powers to do with as they wish. This metroidvania will allow gamers to play a complete no-kill run-through, even providing secret detours from bosses. In an interesting twist, in lieu of the character running, jumping and killing by themselves, they must use their beast forms to attack creatures and maneuver tricky terrain. Players will travel as Mable through an expansively detailed fantasy world, meticulously realized through state-of-the-art pixel technology with an atmospheric original soundtrack.

A mysterious cult resurrects Mable and tells her of an ancient prophecy that says she will hunt down great beasts, take their shape, and use their powers to save the desolate world. Despite their foretelling, it is ultimately up to the player character to decide if they will banish the darkness, or become it.


Traversal isn’t centered so much on combat as it is movement. Mable doesn’t have the strength to carry her enchanted sword, which forces her to utilize different techniques to help move throughout the game world. Mable & The Wood’s core gameplay mechanic consists of defeating great beasts by transforming into them and taking on their abilities. In one instance, Mable shape-shifts into a fairy and drops her dragging sword behind her. She then recalls the weapon to resume its use in battle. Mable can turn into a giant mole, medusa, spider and much more to conquer enemies.

The game will grant players the freedom to determine how they will play, whether they opt for a pacifist route or attempt to cut down every creature that comes across their path. Mable’s non-human forms can damage enemies for a limited time, but eliminating beasts will expand her power. The player will also be presented with different secrets and paths to take through the game’s world that will offer multiple endings.

Mable is a game where players have free reign to make decisions on how they want to play the game,” said Andrew Stewart, Founder of Triplevision Games. “They can choose to kill everything, or they can play the entire game without killing anything, including bosses. Depending on the decisions made, players will encounter one of the multiple endings.”


Along with the reveal of the console version, Triplevision has released a trailer with new gameplay from Mable & The Wood, which can be viewed below.

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