DNF Duel Showcases New DLC Character Brawler's Brutal Moves in New Trailer

Published: September 6, 2023 12:28 AM /


DNF Duel Brawler

Today Nexon released another trailer of the recently revealed upcoming DLC character for the fighting game DNF Duel, the Brawler. 

The trailer showcases the moves of the character and includes written comments from director Ryosuke Kodani mentioning a few snippets of information about the Brawler.

We learn that he uses various concealed weapons and a chain attack to strike from a variety of distances, and apparently, he's both a narcissist and violent. 

He was picked for the game among the Dungeon Fighter Online characters due to his "fighter-class ferocity and dynamic combat moves." He has a "by any means necessary" attitude which reflects in his skills. 

Apparently, he's able to turn the tide of battle in an instant by using his weapons. You can check out what his fighting style looks like in the trailer below. 

The Brawler is the second DLC character coming within the Season Pass after Spectre (who was launched in July). He doesn't have an announced release date yet, but we know he's coming in the fall. 

We also already know that a third new character and a new stage are planned to come in the winter, and two more will conclude the Season Pass in 2024. We'll have to wait and see if more season passes will come afterward. For now, nothing has been announced. 

DNF Duel is a fighting game published by Nexon and co-developed by Arc System Works, available for PC, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The game transitions the ultra-popular Dungeon Fighter Online into fighting games and Nexon is currently planning to expand the franchise further with other titles, including an open-world action RPG for PC, mobile, and consoles. 


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