Loot Gaming “Best Of” Box Review

Published: February 8, 2021 11:00 AM /



Loot Crate's recently launched “ G” is shaping up to be one of the better monthly subscription boxes thanks to its quality over quantity rebranding over the past year. I was recently sent the “Best Of” box from December 2020, which contains 5 items from the likes of DOOM, The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2, and Pac-Man. While this is one less item than previous boxes, the quality here is definitely worth the subscription fee. As someone who subscribed to the original Loot Crate back in 2013, this might be one of the best boxes I’ve seen them make. 

Loot Gaming Best of December 2020 unboxing


The theming here is “Best of” which is strangely absent from the Loot Crate website (even the included QR code), but after some research I’ve discovered that this box is supposed to be a greatest hits of 2020, and it definitely lives up to that name. 

What’s In The Box?

This months “Best of” box contained 5 items 

  • DOOM Eternal Concept Art Print 
  • Destiny 2 Crucible Socks 
  • PAC-Man Ghost Cinch Bag
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Soul Gen USB Lamp
  • Lootgaming Exclusive Best Of Pin
  • QR Code
Loot gaming best of unboxing December 2020
You know you need more socks anyways



While this “best of” crate didn’t have anything large like a t-shirt or figure, it did have some stuff that once again serves a purpose other than a bunch of kitschy gaming branded stuff. The Elder Scrolls Online usb lamp is definitely the best thing in the box simply due to its practicality and how good it looks. The quality is great, the light is bright, and it's subtle enough to place on your desk that you don’t need to be an Elder Scrolls fan to appreciate it. The Destiny 2 socks are premium and as a fan of game concept art I’m definitely going to hang that DOOM Eternal art print somewhere in my office. Overall this is a great box that is definitely worth the cost of admission and hopefully we continue to see this as an ongoing trend for Loot Crate and Loot Gaming. 

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TechRaptor was provided with a Loot Gaming box for review from Loot Crate. 

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