2020 TechRaptor Awards

2020 techraptor awards tabletop game of the year

2020 TechRaptor Awards - Tabletop Game/RPG of the Year


2020 has been an interesting year for tabletop gaming.

2020 techraptor awards best evolving game

2020 TechRaptor Awards - Best Evolving Game Award


When you think of an evolving game, you're likely thinking of something that's a "game as a service" type game like Destiny.

2020 techraptor awards best expansion dlc

2020 TechRaptor Awards - Best Expansion/DLC Award


New DLC or expansions are often overlooked by many and don't get the attention they deserve much of the time. In some cases, a new expansion can be the best piece of content tied to a game.

2020 techraptor awards best visual design

2020 TechRaptor Awards - Best Visual Design Award


We're slowly trudging our way to the point that photorealism is mattering less and less.

2020 techraptor awards best soundtrack

2020 TechRaptor Awards - Best Soundtrack Award


Music in gaming is likely the most overlooked aspect of why we enjoy games. For most, when it works, you don't even notice. The music just makes sense in a given situation.

2020 techraptor awards best multiplayer

2020 TechRaptor Awards - Best Multiplayer Award


Gaming was thrust in to the spotlight moreso than ever this year, with many people finding themselves shut away from any social contact.

2020 TechRaptor Awards Best Writing

2020 TechRaptor Awards - Best Writing Award


Gaming has some great advantages when it comes to storytelling when compared to other mediums, and its growth in recent years has been a delight to see.

2020 TechRaptor Awards Nominees

2020 TechRaptor Awards - Nominees and Readers' Choice Vote


2020 has obviously been the most awful year in most people's lifetimes. The gaming world, however, had it pretty good.