Microsoft announces Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band


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Microsoft announces Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band

October 30, 2014

By: Andrew Stretch


Microsoft has taken yet another step into the health and exercise field with the announcement of their new cloud based health service, aptly called Microsoft Health, and a wearable band to track your daily activities and communicate with the Microsoft Health to figure out the best regime for you. It can also be paired not only with Windows Phones but also iOS and Android devices too.

Utilizing the Microsoft Health app the Microsoft band will allow users to track such details as heart rate, calorie burn, steps taken and the quality of your sleep as well as allowing you to check incoming notifications from your synced devices such as text alerts, diary notifications, social updates and many others just as a smart watch would do. The Microsoft Band has a touch screen on it allowing you to freely check any of the statistics as well as incoming notifications. For users who connect the Microsoft Band with Windows Phones you are also able to use Cortana to do things such as creating reminders or sending text messages. When using the Microsoft Band for exercise your statistics will be analysed so that it can begin helping you create a workout that's perfect for you and will coach you through it like a real trainer.

The Microsoft Band has GPS in-built, dust and water resistance, heart rate sensor, skin temperature sensor, UV sensor, 3-axis accelerometer and many more sensors and features. On a charge time of 1.5 hours the Microsoft Band also boasts an impressive 48 hours running uninterrupted.


The Microsoft Band will be released on the Microsoft website this Thursday and will be available for $199. For more information head over to the official announcement blog post.


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