Haven't been able to get on Xbox Live, PSN? Here's why



Haven't been able to get on Xbox Live, PSN? Here's why

December 26, 2014

By: Marc Henriksen


If you've been trying to get in some online gaming on your Xbox or PlayStation 4 this holiday, you've probably been left frustratingly unsatisfied. You can thank a certain malicious internet group: Console gamers, meet Lizard Squad.

Oh, you already know each other? If Lizard Squad sounds familiar to you, that might be because the group has been quite active lately, having taken down Xbox Live and PSN before, while also recently attacking EA, inadvertently cutting off internet connection for thousands of Swedes 




Lizard Squad chose the worst time (Or I guess the best time, if you're a malicious internet group) to down the two services, as gamers around the world were unable to play their new games online, or even put their new consoles to use. The fact that PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live to a lesser extent, keeps getting DDoS'd is very disappointing. It just seems way too easy for groups like Lizard Squad to cause problems for these very large services. One would think that extra focus would be put onto fixing some obvious issues in the server structure of PSN and Xbox Live, though Microsoft has been faster at fixing these issues than Sony has.


As Lizard Squad posted on their twitter some hours ago, the attacks have stopped. Xbox Live is up and running now, while PSN remains down for the time being. 

[caption id="attachment_24064" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Somebody has been very very naughty this year! Somebody has been very very naughty this year![/caption]

What do you think about Xbox Live and PSN being put down, once again, by these internet groups? Any suggestions for Sony and Microsoft on what to do? Sound off in the comments below!

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