Wizkids Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants Icons of the Realms Review - Legally I Can't Call These Minis Anymore

The Wizkids Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants release shows what Wizkids does best; make incredibly detailed miniatures. The detail of the Giants goes beyond at this scale!

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Wizkids Bigby Presents Boxes Stacked Up With The Edited Overlay

The release of Dungeons & Dragons' Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants Wizards of the Coast has provided DMs with all of the resources needed to run a Giant-centric D&D campaign. Now Wizkids is complementing that with the release of the Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants collection.

Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants collection is a new line consisting of Blind Boxes and a few specific Limited Edition and set boxes.

Each miniature is a fully colored and highly detailed representation of the official artwork you can find for a creature within Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants.

What is available in the Icons of the Realms: Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants?

Wizkids is offering this collection in a variety of forms. If you want to purchase a surefire bet you can pick up the standalone Death Giant Necromancer miniature, the Limited Edition Boxed Set that contains three giants, a Goliath Chef, and a Giant Lynx, and you can also purchase blind boxes.

The Wizkids Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants Box showing the minis included
If a Blind Box isn't what you want then the Limited Edition Boxed Set contains a few consistent minis in alternate colors

The Blind Boxes contain within them one giant miniature and three medium-sized miniatures. The benefit of the Limited Edition Boxed Set is not just that what you get is guaranteed but that the colors of the minis are variants on what you'll get in the Blind Box.

Medium Miniatures In Icons of the Realms: Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants?

In a book filled with giants, there are still a large number of miniatures that are tangential to the Giants that you can find in these boxes.

Images of standard enemies like Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and Orcs in Wizkids Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants
Gather normal enemies to throw at your players

Within this box, there are a number of fun generic enemies that your party might come up against. Within the Blind Boxes that I received, I got a healthy mix of Hobgoblins, Bugbears, a handful of Orcs, and a party full of Goliaths.

Each of the Goliath warriors absolutely exudes personality. The Giant-Kin standing taller than the rest in front, Tricksters with gold mask in hand, the Skytower Goliath with his battle axe slung over his shoulder, and the Chef in the back.

A larger group of Goliaths in Wizkids Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants
Goliaths is what I obtained the most of from the Blind Boxes

The individuality that Wizkids brings to each of their miniatures is so fascinating to see. As soon as I pulled each mini out my mind was flooded with voices and personalities expressed by each of these characters.

As combat is going on it does make the job of a DM easier when the characters are so vivid.

The Blind Boxes also included some dinosaurs, a Giant Lynx, a Firbold, and a Primeval Druid.

Dinosaurs against a small party in Wizkids Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants
I'm still waiting for Wizkids to create the TechRaptor miniature...

The Giant Miniatures In Icons of the Realms: Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants?

The big allure of this collection is in the Giants that you'll find. These creatures aren't just huge but are gargantuan in size. I was taken aback when opening the first of the Blind Boxes as I didn't realize just how large these figures would be.

Many of the medium miniatures are only ankle height on the different Giants that I opened.

The giants obtained in Wizkids Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants
I always love to see how faithful the recreations of minis from artwork is

In previous, reviews such as the Spelljammer Collector's Edition Box Set, I criticized the loss of quality in finer details like faces in the small miniatures. These giant figurines show why Wizkids is the best in the business for high-quality minis.

In creating such large creatures Wizkids has been able to put incredible detail into the clothing, faces, and accessories of each Giant. The Cloud Giant of Evil Air doesn't just show off rippling muscles and a stern expression but wears an incredibly detailed set of feathered wings across their back.

The transparent materials are also expertly used to add sheer layers to clothing or add a variety of effects like glowing weapons, flames, and fog. The Spectral Cloud is my favorite from the grouping of ghosts due to how hollow it is through it's center, with uplighting it creates the ultimate ghostly form.

Unlike previous Wizkids releases that have a few minis that cause a spectacle when they're put down on the table, the sheer size and attention to detail will be a memorable experience.

The Spectral Cloud Giant showing off its hollow nature
I love the hollow interior of the Spectral Cloud to let light shine through

Icons of the Realms: Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants Review | Final Thoughts

So many of Dungeons & Dragons creatures fall into the medium range, so that's historically what Wizkids has made a lot of. This box and its giant miniatures (Can I still call them that?) don't just fill a niche that you might not have in your collection of miniatures but also let Wizkids show off just how high quality their work is.

The added benefit to these Blind Boxes is the inclusion of so many common adversaries like Hobgoblins and Orcs. Sure you'll obtain a miniature that will be used in a very limited sense, but there's a very high chance for a miniature that you'd use extremely frequently.

Should I Buy Icons of the Realms: Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants

My final thought on Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants was that if you want to run a giant-centric one-shot or campaign then that's the ultimate resource. My thoughts on this box fall along the same lines.

If you know you're going to have your party meet the pantheon or giants or have large combat upcoming without a big bad then this line of Miniatures from Wizkids will immediately fill that gap.

The copy of Wizkids Icons of the Realms: Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants used to produce this review was provided by Wizkids. All photos were taken by the reviewer.

Review Summary

The Wizkids Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants collection does a good job facilitating the collection of giant minis for big set pieces as well as small fodder enemies that could be used in almost every session. (Review Policy)


  • Detail in giants is incredible
  • Relevant medium miniatures


  • Giants won't get as much use

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