Undergrove Kickstarter Ends Campaign Over 6000% Funded

The Undergrove Kickstarter campaign has officially concluded with more than $600,000 funded, completely overwhelming its modest initial goal of $10,000.

Published: December 8, 2023 8:31 PM /


A promotional image for the Undergrove Kickstarter, showing the boardgame on an overgrown mushroom table.

Back in November, Elizabeth Hargrave launched the Undergrove Kickstarter. The campaign's success would go on to fund the developer's next major board game after the massive success of the bird-reserve management game, Wingspan.

That Kickstarter has just concluded with more than 6000% of its initial starting goal.

The Undergrove Kickstarter funding success

At time of writing, the Undergrove Kickstarter has officially funded $626,956.46, which is more than sixty times its initial funding goal of $10,000.

Artwork of stretch goals unlocked for the Undergrove Kickstarter
All of this, and more, has been unlocked.

This newest board game experience developed by both Elizabeth Hargrave and Mark Wootoon tasks players with managing their own fungal network. Each player controls a mature Douglas-fir tree and, through carefully managing a symbiotic network of fungi, creates more tree seedlings.

Whoever creates the most verdant fungal network of trees wins. The game is designed for 1-4 players and takes roughly an hour to play.

With the success of the Undergrove Kickstarter, all initial backers have unlocked a large suite of stretch goals. These include unlocking new fungus cards like Brown Roll, Smith's Amanita, Scarleta Bolete, Slipper Jack, Pig's Ears, and Candy Cap.

Furthermore, both versions of the game will include expanded storage solutions to accommodate these extra game pieces. These bits of storage are being designed to keep game pieces safe and tidy, all while using no forms of plastic.

As for Deluxe Edition backers, the unlocked stretch goals include a guidebook full of interesting info on all fungi and plants showcased in the game featuring artwork by Beth Sobel, a custom-built and painted novelty mushroom first player token, and all wooden materials officially made with FSC-certified wood.

While it is almost certain that Undergrove will receive a retail release like Wingspan, it is very likely these additions and goals as they are will remain Kickstarter-exclusive bonuses to early adopters. The game is expected to ship out to backers in November 2024.

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