Paizo and Natural Pengu Partner Up, Bringing Pathfinder Remastered to VTTS

Following the release of their new Pathfinder Remastered books, Paizo Inc. have partnered up with the virtual tabletop Natural Pengu, bringing the fantasy RPG to even more players

Published: November 6, 2023 6:42 PM /


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Recently, Paizo Inc. has announced Pathfinder Remastered. Essentially, a reprint of the latest edition of their fantasy RPG, but now more in line with their ORC license. Now, that touched-up TTRPG is coming to a new VTT, Natural Pengu, thanks to a new partnership.

The Paizo Natural Pengu Partnership

According to an official press release, Paizo's partnership with Natural Pengu will span both their virtual tabletop platform as well as their actual play programs.

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Looks like the right level of silly.

That aforementioned VTT has grown in popularity. While Roll20, Foundry, and Alchemy RPG have their fans, Natural Pengu stands out thanks to it simplifying the world of TTRPGs for both new players and veterans. No prep, and no extra tabs in your browser, it is all in one.

Given how complex Pathfinder can be to run otherwise, the allure of a more streamlined and user-friendly process is an enticing one. Granted, the platform itself is still in an early access state, but that can change with time, effort, and user feedback.

As such, the benefit of this collaboration will come in three phases of content for this VTT. The first is the Player Toolkit. This will make character creation, managing character sheets, and calculating dice rolls easy.

Furthermore, the Pathfinder Remastered Core books will be fully integrated into the platform, through both its web browser and smartphone versions. No need to keep Archives of Nethys on hand.

There is even a Latin American Spanish translation for the books in development.

In addition, Natural Pengu also streams live plays of Pathfinder adventures and campaigns. These live plays are done through their official Twitch channel and use the Natural Pengu VTT. Thankfully now with these integrations, adventures can be even bolder.

If you sign up for the Natural Pengu mailing list you can buy the Pathfinder Player Core book with VTT integrations for $21.99 when it officially releases November 15. If you already own the book, you can purchase these integrations for $2.00.

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