A promotional image of a character from Pathfinder

If you're into Tabletop Role Playing and you're not playing Dungeons & Dragons chances are you're instead playing Pathfinder which was originally published in 2009. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game found its life in an interesting way as publisher Paizo Publishing finished their deal with Wizards of the Coast publishing the two D&D magazines, aptly named Dungeon and Dragon respectively, and upon seeing the Open Game License for D&D 4th Edition decided to create Pathfinder as a better evolution of 3.5 edition.

Notable differences between the two games include more options for each class and a boost to their core abilities, tripping and grappling becoming more of a core feature, and other slighter shifts like spell effects and uses.

Pathfinder has spurred the creation of all kinds of extra content including a space-themed variant named Starfinder, card games, video games, book series, and will expand its content into the realm of Savage Worlds in the future.

After being released for almost a decade a Pathfinder Playtest was released for players to test and give feedback on what would become Pathfinder 2nd Edition in August 2019. During that time dozens of rulebook expansions and adventure books have been released further fleshing out the world of Pathfinder.

The following are the current releases of Pathfinder:

  • Pathfinder (1st Edition) - August 2009
  • Pathfinder (2nd Edition) - August 2019