Paizo and Demiplane Announce Pathfinder Nexus

Published: October 25, 2021 1:03 PM /


A group of adventurers fighting a dragon in Pathfinder

As the world of tabletop RPGs continues to change and adapt to the times, certain developments are inevitable. Digital tabletop platforms and online compendiums of RPG supplements are increasingly becoming the norm thanks to their ease of access and the ability to hold sessions with players around the world. Now, Paizo Publishing is officially partnering with digital platform Demiplane to bring their own answer to these demands with Pathfinder Nexus.

For those not aware. Pathfinder has been Paizo's Publishing's biggest TTRPG made under its banner. While it can easily be seen as the Pepsi to Dungeons and Dragons' Coca-Cola Classic, the game and its publisher have won multiple awards throughout the industry. The game's first edition was published back in 2008 where it received praise for its gameplay as well as pushing diverse character dynamics forward. It's a series that has gone on to create multiple board game spin-offs, tie-in videogames, novels,  Pathfinder Second Edition released in 2019 where it continued doing its own thing with even more specialized rules for different player roles.

But when you've been out for over a decade, there is bound to be too many supplements and sourcebooks to thumb through on such short notice. Enter Demiplane and Pathfinder Nexus. In short, this service will give players direct access to all of the game's material including supplements, character options, and pre-written adventures all in a convenient straightforward way. In addition, the service will include highly sought after tools. These tools include a digital reader for your material, character builder, an interactive character sheet, and a digital playspace for your group complete with video chat function. Finally, Demiplane have confirmed that they have a development roadmap for Pathfinder Nexus where the team will continue to support the service with quality-of-life updates and additional features.

Artwork of a party fighting a dark wizard
Artwork seen is from Pathfinder Adventure Path Hell's Rebels

It is unclear at this time how Pathfinder Nexus will interact with another platform Paizo has launched. Specifically, Pathfinder Infinity and Starfinder Infinity, a service where GMs can sell their own homemade adventures and supplements. Hopefully, that will be a feature to come.

“Pathfinder Nexus will give players the kind of support that a dynamic and expansive game like Pathfinder deserves,” said Adam Bradford, Chief Development Officer at Demiplane. “I have seen firsthand how technology can elevate play experiences. I’m thrilled for fans to see how much convenience Pathfinder Nexus brings to the table so that the most important elements can shine through— the players and the stories you’re telling together.”

Finally, while Pathfinder Nexus won't go live until early 2022, fans of Paizo's RPG can make digital pre-orders right now. Doing this will grant you early access to the digital reader, which will let you preview what the platform has in stall for you as a digital GM.


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