One-Shot Wonders Funded Within 24 Minutes On Kickstarter

Recently the tabletop studio Roll & Play Press had their latest Kickstarter campaign, One-Shot Wonders go live. It is a D&D 5e supplement containing over 100 ideas for one and done adventures. It was fully funded 24 minutes later

Published: September 16, 2022 3:27 PM /


Promotional artwork of the One-Shot Wonders book cover on a table

Today, the Kickstarter campaign for One-Shot Wonders went live. It is for a D&D 5e book that contains "over 100 unique session ideas" for gaming tables that want a single self-contained adventure, or want to use an adventure as a springboard for a larger story. 24 minutes after the campaign went live, the entire project was fully funded.

What is in the One-Shot Wonders Kickstarter campaign?

According to the project's Kickstarter page, One-Shot Wonders is a book packed with various adventures for players with characters from levels 1-8 to enjoy. All required information for each adventure is found on just two pages of the book, which includes key environments (desert, high seas, frozen tundra), themes (horror, comedy, puzzles, time limit, etc.), and combat information for the GM (enemy statblocks, DCs, descriptive text, key story beats), as well as quest rewards and a leveling guide. The book also provides prompts for adventure hooks in order to get adventurers into the action as well as open questions for GMs to fill in later to make things their own.

The current tiers for One-Shot Wonders are as follows:

  • Digital PDF for $28: You get a PDF copy of the book as well as an acknowledgment in the credits
  • Hardcover book for #37: A Hardcover copy of the book as well as acknowledgment.
  • Digital Bundle for $46: A PDF copy, digital maps and terrain, and four pre-generated adventuring parties as PDFs
  • Hardcover Book + PDF for $49: Both a PDF and Hardcover copy of the book.
  • Collector's Edition for $89: A special edition hardcover copy of the book.
  • Hardcover bundle for $75: Everything in the Digital Bundle Plus a Hardcover copy.
  • One Shot Heroes for $138: Everything in the Hardcover Bundle, a Collector's Edition of the book, fold-out versions of terrain and maps, dice, and a scroll set

Please note that physical item tiers do not account for shipping costs. Like all crowdfunding projects recently, those costs can fluctuate greatly in short periods of time. While Kickstarter doesn't have something like a stable pledge system, the developers have stated that costs would be calculated once the campaign concludes.

Finally, there are the stretch goals. As stated before, One-Shot Wonders' campaign goal was $11,463. It hit that goal 24 minutes later and, at the time of writing, has raised $101,993, more than nine times their campaign limit. Because of this three stretch goals have been met, which include gold foiling for the Collector's Edition boxes, coastal and urban landscapes being added to the adventure maps, and a new Legendary Chapter which will include even more adventures meant for level 9 characters.

This level of success continues to show the popularity of D&D and TTRPG-related projects on the crowdfunding platform. Last month alone saw the most successful D&D book project ever with Loot Tavern Publishing's Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt as well as the rapid success of the Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG project back in April.

Promotional artwork of th One-Shot Wonders book featuring an adventure
An entire adventure on just two pages. The formatting challenges alone are daunting

Who are the developers behind One-Shot Wonders?

One-Shot Wonders is being developed by Roll & Play Press. They are a UK-based independent studio that have been developing TTRPG materials for a while, this project being their fifth major project. The small but passionate team have even won an Ennie in 2021 for one of those projects: The Game Master's Fantasy Toolkit.

The Kickstarter campaign for One-Shot Wonders concludes On October 12.

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