Gamefound Stable Pledge Addresses Shipping Prices

Published: September 7, 2022 4:45 PM /


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A Gamefound secure pledge feature is being implemented. The crowdfunding platform is attempting to address a rising problem in this industry where potential customers end up paying more for something they thought was secured. This is the first time such a feature has been implemented on a crowdfunding platform.

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Given how bad costs have gotten, this is affirming.

What is Gamefound stable pledge?

Gamefound stable pledge explained in further detail in an official blog post. First, the post expresses the many different factors leading to such dramatic changes in shipping costs such as inflation in certain countries, the rising cost of gas, as well as the rising cost of freight and materials. Because of all of these factors, taking into account the price of shipping, both from a logistical perspective as a creator and producer and from a financial perspective as a potential buyer, is difficult to handle when it comes to crowdfunding.


These rising costs have already affected many different crowdfunded board game projects. They became most noteworthy with an Assassin's Creed board game back in July 2021, and have only continued with other projects like the Darkest Dungeon board game. Some of these projects have even received fierce backlash to these unforeseen costs such as when Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game was review-bombed on Board Game Geek.

Enter Gamefound stable pledge. Simply put, it is an opt-in system that campaign creators can implement. The creator declares the cost of products, general shipping costs, VAT, and other miscellaneous costs on the store page. If any of these costs increase by 10% or more by the crowdfunding's end, the creator guarantees a full refund to backers. There are no hidden fees for requesting a refund, and it must be requested within two weeks of the changed costs. Furthermore, creators can open pledge managers or late pledge without charging any shipping. This means that shipping charges can occur at final dispatch when all costs are known.

What projects are currently using Gamefound stable pledge?

At time of writing, two crowdfunding campaigns will have Gamefound stable pledge implemented. First is the campaign for Keyforge: Winds of Exchange, Ghost Galaxy's revival of the cult card game, and the dark fantasy board game expansion Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin.


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