New Magic Sets Previewed At MagicCon: Las Vegas

Over the weekend, Wizards of the Coast hosted MagicCon: Las Vegas. During this event, they previewed upcoming sets and events for Magic: The Gathering, including dinosaurs, returning to Ravnica, and new Lord of the Rings cards

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Official artwork of Gishath, Sun's Avatar as shown at MagicCon: Las Vegas 2023.

Over the weekend, Wizards of the Coast held its MagicCon: Las Vegas event. Here, the tabletop publisher revealed new details on what fans can expect from the future of Magic: The Gathering going forward.

The MagicCon: Las Vegas Preview

The first new set that was previewed at MagicCon: Las Vegas is a return to the dinosaur-packed land of Ixalan.

The new set, The Lost Caves of Ixalan, takes place a year after the Phyrexian invasion. The same Phyrexian invasion depicted in the Phyrexia: All Will Be One and March of the Machine sets.

Artwork of a dinosaur underground from Lost Caves of Ixalan
Don't move, its vision is based on movement.

A race has broken out to find a secret hidden world deep below Ixalan. A world containing vast riches, new mysteries, and ancient gods fully awakened.

The set will contain familiar faces, vampires, merfolk, the first appearance of a new Planeswalker, and of course, lots of dinosaurs. In fact, the set will include cards inspired by the Jurassic World films.

The Lost Caves of Ixalan prerelease event will happen on November 10, followed by its worldwide release on November 17.

Artwork of Elrond in profile as shown from the MagicCon: Las Vegas preview
Back once again, at the turn of the season.

The second big reveal at MagicCon: Las Vegas was a new Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday set. This set will continue to explore different characters, locations, and setpieces from the iconic fantasy universe created by JRR Tolkien.

This set will include a new Jumpstart release, called Jumpstart Vol. 2. This release will have five additional themes for mixing and matching: mortals, cunning, orcish, elven, and riders.

In addition, this holiday release will contain new borderless scene cards. Four scenes, featuring six brand-new mechanically unique cards. Those scenes are The Might of Galadriel, Aragorn At Helm's Deep, Gandalf At The Pelennor Fields, and Flight of the Witch-King.

Hildebrandt artwork of the Witch King as shown at MagicCon: Las Vegas
Collectors, prep yourselves now.

For fans of traditional Hildebrandt artwork, this new Middle-earth Holiday set has something for you as well. Both Tim and Greg Hildebrandt's classic Lord of the Rings artwork will be paired with existing Magic reprints. There will be twenty cards total with this treatment.

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday set will be available Nov. 3

Artwork of Ravnica Remastered as seen from the MagicCon Las Vegas preview
Which guild will you side with?

Finally, Wizards of the Coast announced that they would be returning to the worldwide city of Ravnica in 2024.

The aptly named Ravnica Remastered set brings the most iconic cards from previous Ravnica sets together. This will provide not just a nostalgic draft experience but a unique collectible offering as well.

Everything from the characters to the setting to, yes, the guilds will be returning. Furthermore, the set will include retro frame cards as well as serialized anime cards.

Ravnica Remastered will be releasing January 12, 2024.

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