March of the Machine Details Revealed

Over the weekend, Wizards of the Coast released new details of the latest Magic set, March of the Machine, marking the conclusion of the Phyrexian's invasion of the multiverse

Published: February 20, 2023 3:07 PM /


Official artwork of characters and planeswalkers from March of the Machine

Over the weekend, Wizards of the Coast released new information on its upcoming Magic set, March of the Machine. The set will mark the conclusion of the ongoing story of Phyrexia told throughout the recent sets. This story began with a few cards being assimilated in Kamigawa, continued with leaked cards in Dominaria Remastered, then escalated with several Planeswalkers being completed in Phyrexia All Will Be One will now come to a head with a threat to the entire Magic multiverse. Here is what to expect.

New cards in March of the Machine

According to the official Magic post, March of the Machine will feature creatures and characters from across the entire series. Since Phyrexia threatens everyone, this is a solid blend of fanservice and escalating threat. Some creature cards even feature alliances and team-ups like Ghalta and Mavren or Yargle and Multani.

Legendary creatures from the Magic set, March of the Machine
Teaming up against the end of the world is always a fun trope.

The post then highlights the different boosters and decks coming to March of the Machine. There will be five Commander decks. Growing Threat is white-black, Cavalry Charge is white-blue-black, Divine Convocation is blue-red-white, Call for Backup is red-green-white, and Tinker Time is green-blue-red. On top of that, these Command decks will feature the return of Planechase. This is a returning mechanic where players can change the battlefield, providing ongoing effects depending on the location. There will be 50 Planechase cards released for March of the Machine, with ten random ones included in each Commander deck.

A collection of Planechase cards from March of the Machine
No advantage like home field advantage.

As for special variant cards in March of the Machine a few were announced. First are Multiverse Legends, a non-standard bonus sheet containing iconic reprints of older cards. Some of these cards will even appear in a new halo foil treatment. Furthermore, new cards in the set will also appear in Booster Fun treatments, borderless and extended art variants. As for prerelease promos, packs will contain a foil-stamped promo card and an additional legendary promo card for Commander play. These cards are exclusive to the prerelease event. Wizards also confirmed that there will be three Secret Lairs dropped, each one themed around the current set.

A pair of promo cards from March of the Machine
The normal card is on the left, the Legendary Promo is on the right.

Finally, for fans of Magic lore, Wizards announced March of the Machine: Aftermath. This is a 50-set of standard-legal cards sold in packs of 5. These cards will depict the fates of major characters as well as major events that will change the world of Magic The Gathering forever.

March of the Machine will hit stores worldwide on April 21, 2023. The story for March of the Machine: Aftermath will begin on May 1 with previews debuting May 2-3.

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