More Warhammer Age of Sigmar Cities of Sigmar Units Previewed

Published: August 18, 2023 3:38 PM /


An image of the Cities of Sigmar commander, Tahlia Vedra, riding on top of her manticore, Infernadine.

More Warhammer Age of Sigmar units have been previewed. Fans of the fantasy miniatures game already got a glimpse at Pontifex Zenestra and what she brings to the Cities of Sigmar army. Now, Games Workshop has revealed even more units coming to this new army.

New Cities of Sigmar Units Previewed

The first batch of new Cities of Sigmar units revealed by Games Workshop is the Freeguild Cavalier. These knights are united by blood and tragedy. In fact, to enter their ranks, you must be the lone survivor of a destroyed settlement, fueled by vengeance.

The Freeguild Cavalier are heavy cavalry, and as such are linebreakers. This is thanks to their Devastating Charge, which increases their Damage and Rend by 1 when striking through an enemy defensive line.

Continuing this aggressive playstyle is the Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal. Their For Sigmar, Charge! ability grants extra movement to nearby units, allowing them to reach the enemy line faster.

Artwork of the Cities of Sigmar War Surgeon miniature, depicting someone dressed as a plague doctor wielding a large bonesaw
Time for some quick and dirty surgery.

The Cities of Sigmar also had several hero units showcased.

First, there are the Freeguild Marshals. These are expert tacticians that can give orders to friendly units with their Relic Envoys. One of these is Rousing Speech, which bolsters the objective-capturing prowess of up to three units.

On the more macabre side of things are the Freeguild Command Corps War Surgeons. These are battlefield medics that can heal wounds of friendlies, or lop off limbs of the enemy thanks to their Sawbones ability.

If you need something more clandestine, the Freeguild Command Corps Whisperblade can actually shut down enemy commands with their Dispatch Spies ability.

Finally, there is the Alchemite Warforger. This unit increases the offensive capabilities of your Cities of Sigmar army with its Blazing Weapons spell.

As the name implies, this ignites the weapons of all of your units this will allow units to inflict mortal wounds in addition to standard damage on unmodified hit rolls of 6.

The last preview for the Cities of Sigmar is one of its commanders: Tahlia Vedra and her terrifying manticore mount Infernadine.

Naturally, getting close to that manticore will lead to trouble for enemy units. Its Paralysing Venom rampage effect can apply a strike-last effect on any enemy monster that charges.

Of course, there are many tricks and tactics that Tahlia Vedra can utilize, but that will be telling.


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