Magic The Gathering Drop MSRP From Their Products


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Magic The Gathering Drop MSRP From Their Products

February 20, 2019

By: William Worrall

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Wizards of the Coast, makers of the popular card game Magic The Gathering, have announced their intention to drop MSRP from all of their future MTG products. The move is part of an apparent attempt to simplify communication with retailers every product from the upcoming release of War of the Spark onward will have no manufacturer suggested retail price.

The announcement was made in a blog post by Blake Rasmussen on Monday in which he promised that the change would offer no disruption to either new products or the company as a whole. They also said that they hoped the change would make communication easier with the player base as well as the retailers at which those players buy Magic The Gathering related products.

Rasmussen further said:

We're making this change to streamline our communications around new products. MSRPs are not favored in many parts of the world, which led to some confusion among our global player base. As Magic becomes more and more global, it makes less and less sense to suggest a retail price.
It is so far unclear how the move will affect international players of the game, despite claims that it will make things clearer. Without a suggested retail price for products, it will be up to the Magic retail community to set a baseline cost for all future products.


Quick Take

This seems like something of a non-move, speaking as an 'international player' of Magic. Other than disparity between US and international prices most players on the ground level never had many complaints beyond shops gouging prices on more sought after products. With no MSRP on products anymore it is possible that gouging will only get worse instead of better. 

How do you feel about the move? Do you think it will actually make things clearer for people? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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