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Keys From The Golden Vault Details Unearthed

Published: January 25, 2023 2:48 PM



Last August, Wizards of the Coast presented a roadmap for all future content coming to D&D 5e. The roadmap contained several things that made dedicated fans pay attention, such as the (now highly contentious) future plans for the newest edition of the world's most popular TTRPG, and the return of the interplanar setting of Planescape. Now, new details have emerged regarding the first book in this roadmap: Keys From The Golden Vault.

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What to expect from Keys From The Golden Vault

The following information about Keys From The Golden Vault comes from a product page on Wizards Play Network. The book will be an anthology adventure book, containing thirteen one-shot adventures for characters levels 1-11. Said adventures will be tied to the secretive organization known as the Golden Vault, who specialize in hiring crews for daunting heists, finding fabulous treasure, and stopping intimidating threats. Each of the adventures will have world maps, will be themed around high-stakes heists, and emphasize player choice with multiple paths to getting the job done. The book will also provide tips for Dungeon Masters "running nontraditional adventures with high risks and high rewards," which reinforces the book's theme of heist-based adventures. Finally, the book will have a collectible alternate art cover; an ornate golden vault door with art deco flourishes.


Keys From The Golden Vault will be the fifth anthology adventure book released for D&D 5e. The first two, Tales From The Yawning Portal and Ghosts of Saltmarsh, were updated versions of older D&D adventures like the Lovecraftian Danger at Dunwater and the infamously murderous Tomb of Horrors. More recent books have told original adventures based around a theme. Candlekeep Mysteries were all mystery-based adventures packed with intrigue, and Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel had adventures based in diverse lands drawn by different multinational cultures.

There are currently no details about Keys From The Golden Vault's MSRP or its shipping date. If you plan on picking up this book for your local DM, you'll have to wait a bit longer for further details.


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