Everything Announced at Warhammer Fest 2022 Day 2

The second day of Games Workshop's online contention, Warhammer Fest 2022, has concluded. Here is everything they have announced for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Published: May 5, 2022 3:29 PM /


A battlefield with armies from Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Fans of tabletop miniatures games have been tuning in to Games Workshop's online convention, Warhammer Fest 2022, to get a sneak peek at all of the new models, products, and services set to arrive later this year. Yesterday focused on the grim darkness of the far future with announcements for Warhammer 40k. Now, on day two, Games Workshop is shifting their focus to the Mortal Realms. Here is all of their announcements for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

A photo of a Ratlike warrior on a book.
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Warhammer Fest 2022 Day 2 - New Skaven Units and Battletome Announced

First, it seems the ratlike Skaven have some new tricks up their sleeves. The deathdealing assassins from Clan Enshin, last seen in Warhammer: Underworld, are now making their appearance in Age of Sigmar. These Skaven are master assassins with lethal toxic blades, perfect for hero-killing. They even have poison-tipped blades fastened to their tails. Finally, it appears that the Skaven will be getting a brand new battletome with new tactics and mechanics for the army.

A preview image of sylvaneth's riding large insects.
Image Credit: Games Workshop

Warhammer Fest 2022 Day 2 - New Sylvaneth Units and Battletome Announced

On the other side of the war for the Mortal Realms are the forces of Order and the nature-empowered army of the Sylvaneths. First and foremost, the Lady of Vines has returned, a major unit that was taken out in the game's lore during the Realmgate Wars. Joining this unit's return are new winged archer units. These include the Gossamer Archers, expert marksman that fire large ravenous grubs at their enemies. This air superiority continues with two new units that ride on the back of insectoid dragonspites. The Spiterider Lancers are pike-wielding shock troopers that are all about hit-and-run tactics. The second are Revenant Seekers, which siphon life force from enemy units and use it to heal their Sylvaneth allies. Like the Skaven, a new battletome for the Sylvaneth's have also been confirmed.

A close up of a vampire miniature for Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Image Credit: Games Workshop

Warhammer Fest 2022 Day 2 - New Heroes and General's Handbook

Much like Warhammer 40k's Mission Pack books, the latest edition of Age of Sigmar will be getting brand new General's Handbooks. These are packed with Pitched Battles, staged scenarios with unique rules and mechanics for your players and armies, stretching across both matched play and casual play. There are even a few scenarios that tie into Age of Sigmar's current season of content, the Realm of Beasts.

Finally, it appears that two notable heroes from the Mortal Realms will be getting their own miniatures. The first of these is the vampiric anti-hero Cado Ezechiar, as seen in the short story Tower of Empty Mirrors, wandering the lands seeking vengeance. Second is a new hero of the Kharadron Overlords: Drekki Flynt. This battle-hardened and smooth talking hero, as seen in the story The Lost Kharak will be joining his fellow warriors on the battlefield, complete with his axe and his aethermatic pistol. Both Cado and Drekki will be starring in their own novels written by John French and Guy Haley respectively.

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