D&D Lego Ideas Contest Down To Five Finalists

Published: November 28, 2022 3:16 PM /


Cover artwork from D&D Hoard of the Dragon Queen

An official D&D Lego Ideas contest is in the home stretch. Both Wizards of the Coast and Lego Ideas held this contest to celebrate 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons, as well as showcase the creativity that can happen with Lego. Now after 600 submissions, which include some technically impressive entries, there are five entries left. On top of that, there is now a fan poll where you can choose which of these five you like.

The D&D Lego Ideas contest finalists

First, it must be stated that the fan poll will not determine the winner of the D&D Lego Ideas contest. That final ruling is with the judges. But it will let them know which entry is beloved by the community and could potentially sway their decisions. On top of that, the winner doesn't just get bragging rights, they will also get their submission turned into an official Lego Ideas set.

A screenshot of the D&D Lego Ideas contest entry called Monster Manual
Anyone that's ever opened a Monster Manual knows what this feels like.

The first of the entries is called The Monster Manual. It has a lot in terms of variety. It is an open book with a bunch of iconic D&D monsters coming out of it. This includes staples like mimics and gelatinous cubes as well as named monsters like vampire Strahd Von Zarovich atop his Nightmare steed, and the two-headed demon prince Demogorgon. The second entry aims for a more specific character of D&D lore: Xanathar The Beholder. Not only does it portray the head of Waterdeep's most notorious Thieves' Guild, but it also includes a desk, a bookshelf, and even his pet goldfish.

A photo of the D&D Lego Ideas contest entry Tiamat's Dice Tower
Make a death saving throw.

The third finalist of the D&D Lego Ideas contest continues this deep cut expression with Transforming Mimic. It's a simple treasure chest with a sign explaining the rules of treasure. But flip the sign and move the hinges and you'll get razor sharp teeth and a statblock for a mimic. The fourth entry actually moves more towards showcasing one of D&D's biggest past times: rolling dice. Tiamat's Dice Tower depicts the five-headed mother of chromatic dragons sieging a castle tower. There's even an open trough at the bottom of the tower to catch the dice.

A photo of the D&D Lego Ideas contest entry Dragon Keep: Journey's End
A piece that also tells a story.

The fifth and final entry for the D&D Lego Ideas contest is also the most complex. Dragon's Keep: Journey's End is a 360-degree diorama depicting the journey of a D&D adventuring party. It starts with them outside a tavern before wrapping around to the siege of a castle, followed by ascending a tower to fight a dragon.

If any of these entries caught your attention and you want to see a certain entry win, you can submit your vote here.


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