Lego DnD Competition Asks You To Immortalize Your Campaign

Published: October 6, 2022 11:33 AM /


A dragon breathing fire onto a warrior's shield in the Lego DnD competition artwork, which also has Lego and Dungeons & Dragons logos

A new Lego DnD crossover has been announced, and it's inviting you to submit your custom creations for a chance to enshrine them in the Lego halls of immortality. By creating detailed models of your Dungeons & Dragons characters, world, or monsters, you could be in with a chance of seeing your creation become official.

Over on the Lego Ideas blog, the Lego team sets out the parameters for this competition. It's being held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, and it's all about your custom Lego DnD creations. Lego wants you to submit display models of your favorite characters or monsters, functional display models for players or DMs, or ultimate builds with customizable elements, all of which must be related to DnD.

Submissions will be considered by a panel of judges, who will nominate their favorites for a Fan Vote. This gives DnD and Lego fans the chance to vote on their favorite designs, and although the Fan Vote won't ultimately decide which design gets chosen to become an official Lego set (the judges will do that), Lego says a high number of votes "certainly helps". Here's hoping this one goes a little better than the infamous DnD Beyond art competition.

A dragon miniature battling three hero miniatures in Dungeons & Dragons, a scene that could be immortalized in the Lego DnD competition
Got a favorite scene from your Dungeons & Dragons campaign? Immortalize it in Lego for a chance to see your set go official.

If you win this competition, you'll be "compensated as a Product Idea prize winner", which means you'll be entitled to a cut of the profits, albeit a relatively small one. You'll get 1% of the eventual Lego DnD product, and you'll also get 10 complimentary copies to share with whoever you like. Of course, you'll be credited and given a bio in the set's materials, and you'll also get a "prize package of Dungeons & Dragons goodies".

How to submit a design for the Lego DnD competition

Submitting a design for the Lego DnD competition is pretty straightforward. You can physically build your submission or use a modeling app like BrickLink Studio to build it. You're allowed to use Photoshop or another image editing tool to make it look snazzy as well.

Once you've built your masterpiece, snap five pictures of it. Lego says you should vary up your angles a bit to show off your creation, and also make sure the images are as high a resolution as possible (at least 1080 pixels for the shortest edge). After that, just title your submission and send it over to the competition.

The Lego DnD competition runner up prizes, which consist of two Lego sets (Medieval Castle and Medieval Blacksmith) and a D&D goodies pack
If you make it through to the Fan Vote stage, you'll get this pack for sure.

If your submission is selected for the Fan Vote panel but doesn't make it through, you'll get a consolation prize pack with two Lego sets and a Dungeons & Dragons goodie pack, so even if you're not chosen, you may well still come away with something to commemorate your efforts.

You've got until November 14th to submit your ideas to this Lego DnD competition. I'm sure there are going to be some ridiculous entries for this, so pull out all the stops if you want to win. Do be sure to read the fine print and the submission rules on this page so that you know exactly where you stand before you send off your submission. Best of luck!


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